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  1. Kim Heller

    I am already a member – I would like to receive e-mails with member info but not e-mails trying to get me to subscribe – I’m already signed up!


  2. Linda Dunnihoo

    I am really sorry to go. But with very little income I must have very little outgo. I have come a long ways although the Mighty Tinnity is not as mighty. Thanks so much for all the encouragement and showing me the real source of the problem– not my physical self but my spiritual self. I am learning how to treat myself. Thank you for all the help!!!

  3. Jorge Gutierrez

    I am very grateful for all the encouraging messages and information. I have learned a LOT about tinnitus, and about health and human nature.

    In my personal quest for relief I found a powerful aid in an application for Ipod specially designed for tinnitus people. From the very first time I used it I got a substantial reduction of ringing in my ears. There is a number of apps for tinnitus. People needs to see which of them works best for him/her.

    I am an enthusiast of craniosacral therapy and am working with my therapist on it.

    Thank you again, and keep on with your good work.


    1. dainis Post author

      Hey Jorge, if you do stop by again, let us know which iPhone App you liked. I’ve downloaded all of them, because we are developing an App for CureTinnitus.org. Best and thanks…Dainis

  4. Elizabeth

    I appreciate your site and all the helpful information. I’m involved in Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing and find it beneficial for tinnitus. Thanks for being here, and spreading the word about that tinnitus doesn’t need to be forever! And now, I am ready to unsubscribe.

    Thanks, Elizabeth

  5. John Wilson

    I have had Tinnitus for several years, I managed to control it by putting it out of my mind and doing other things. But when you become fatigued and stressed Tinnitus comes back to the fore. I live in the UK. I have just returned from a vacation in Virginia, I’m not sure if my problem was down to cabin pressure in the aircraft or tiredness, but my Tinnitus is the worst now it’s ever been and the loudest. But I will prevail without buying into cures. I have ME which was diagnosed 10 years ago. At my worst hour Tinnitus is trying to take me down and add to my many problems. i will find a a way out of this maze. I’m sure you mean well to help others but someone is always making a fast buck out of health problems. i know ’cause I’ve looked for a cure from ME/CFS. I have climbed out of the slimey pit many times but slipped back on several occasions.

  6. Karen

    Hi Dainis,

    I need to unsubscribe, at least temporarily. I own a small business and cash is really tight this month. I was not able to find an official unsubscribe link. Can you kindly help me with this?

    I appreciate the help your site and community has provided and I expect to be back

    Thanks again for all of your help and support.

  7. Jack Parr

    So how does one unsubscribe? I have been unable to find the screen to stop the monthly payments. The Tinnitus is no longer an issue and so I’d like to wish you well with your positive approach and move on.