Cure Tinnitus Show #23

After this experience:

…this was a relaxing and helpful show…

NOTE: the dailystrength link is no longer active. Basically, what happened was that really angry, trolling, negative, anonymous profiles started blasting me personally. It was horrible 🙁

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Hi Dainis,

After a short period of T-free happyness, my T (scale 4/10) came back for a few weeks (stressfull times, bought a house etc..). Did lots of relaxation exercises, stretching and yoga and now it’s gone again (scale 1/10).

I would like to ask Julian about the following:
Each time I do my relaxation or meditation exercises I can feel my upper body shift into another position. My shoulder, back- and neckmuscles calm down and relax after a few seconds of relaxation. When they do, my head immediately feels free from tension around the jaws and the back of the head. I think this means I walk around with to much muscletension all day. What can I do to keep these important muscles relaxed during the day while workig etc.

Keep up the good work!!!

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