Personalized Tinnitus Treatment Roadmap eCourse With Jennifer Battaglino

Personalized Tinnitus Treatment Roadmap eCourse With Jennifer Battaglino

Jen here, and I’d like you to join me for a 5-week Tinnitus Treatment Roadmap eCourse starting May 27th, 2018.

Jennifer S. Battaglino, LCSW. Licensed psychotherapist in the State of New York, Clinical Social Work/Therapist, CHT, BWRT.

Jennifer S. Battaglino, LCSW. Licensed psychotherapist in the State of New York, Clinical Social Work/Therapist, CHT, BWRT.

If you’re struggling at all with tinnitus, please take the time to consider taking this class. It might be just right for you 🙂

The class will give you a thorough overview over where we are scientifically regarding tinnitus, and what others have had the most success with.

We’ll address any anxiety you may have about getting better, and by the end of the class, you will have your very own personalized Tinnitus Treatment Roadmap℠ that will help you plan your treatments, therapies, and budget.

You can choose to call it a “Tinnitus Management Roadmap,” if you’re just wanting to cope, but you can also call it a “Tinnitus Remission Roadmap,” if you’re interested in making complete remission your personal goal. We’ll be taking things one step at a time in a relaxed environment, first addressing management and coping strategies, and then looking at reduction and remission goals.

I’ve been helping people with tinnitus for over a decade, and my heart really goes out to you, if you are suffering. Know that you can get better, it can be OK, and you can move from coping with tinnitus, to reducing it.

Registration ended at midnight EST, Saturday, May 26th, 2018 and is now closed. 

We have made a one-on-one course option available for the same price 🙂

If interested, please send an email to or message us at to inquire or ask any questions you may have…

You can regain control of your life and live a full, happy life again. You really can.

Of course no one can “promise a cure,” and it would be irresponsible to do so, but when you do your best for your health, and you’re well-equipped with the best information available about treatment options, expectations, and strategies, you can settle in and create your very own personalized treatment plan. Many people even wind up being thankful for tinnitus — imagine that!

The course will synthesize publicly available resources like the American Tinnitus Association’s “Patient Navigator” with my own “Tinnitus Teleconsult” techniques; we will draw on my experience as co-author of the book: Tinnitus: Turning the Volume Down and take you through the 5 Program Guidelines, which are: Education, Physical Well Being, Psychological Well Being, Lifestyle, and Support Network.

At the end of the eCourse, if you participate fully, you will have created your very own personalized Tinnitus Treatment Roadmap, which can give you the peace of mind that you are doing the best you can for your own health and well being. provides a wealth of helpful resources, and you will have access to all of them. Because this course is a premium course, Dainis W. Michel, founder of, will be right here by your side as well. He will facilitate the webinars and help guide you to appropriate articles and videos available on the website.

List of Benefits

  • You’ll receive lifetime access to the private member area of
  • Access to Cure Tinnitus Show Archives
  • Recently Acquired Tinnitus eCourse Access
  • Fight or Flight Self-Assessment Questionnaire
  • Support Video Series: A deep and continuously growing archive of common and useful topics
  • Interview Video Series: Interviews of experts and people who have healed themselves, including: Julian Cowan Hill, Paul Tobey, and Dr. Hans Greuel.
  • 24/7 Question line via voice message or member comment (for the duration of the 4-week intensive course)
  • Video or text responses to your questions (fair use applies)

The course is a service-based class like at a college, so there are no refunds, but you will be invited to provide public video feedback after you’ve taken the whole class.

Yes! I am ready to create my very own Tinnitus Treatment Roadmap!

This is a premium course intended for those with access to adequate resources for additional therapies.

dainis w michel

dainis w michel

dainis w michel is a composer, father, and friend

his compositions include: songs, essays, books, software, courses, and online communities

he is a steadfast advocate of human rights, including medical human rights, medical privacy, freedom of expression, bodily integrity, fair legal proceedings, and family sanctity

Jennifer Battaglino, LCSW

My Always Evolving Philosophy

I love meeting people, exploring how they define their goals, and then diligently working to help them achieve it. I enjoy the process of working together as we can always learn from one another. I have a client-centered approach where I utilize evidence-based treatments to help my clients experience relief, peace, and success.

When it comes to “nature or nurture”, I believe in both. We have genetic memory, meaning traits and personality characteristics can be passed on from generation to generation. We are also conditioned to behave and react as well through our environment and life experiences. Based on research, our behaviors, reactions, and emotions are related to how our brain physically functions. We are triggered in a pre-conscious way to stimuli and I practice techniques and therapies that allow us to intervene at a subconscious level so that we can literally create new responses to the old triggers. Therefore, the old triggers lose their power and you experience freedom from unwanted behavior and habits.

In my first years as a licensed psychotherapist, I often became frustrated with the traditional process of analysis. I would work with intelligent people who were fully aware of why they were still engaging in whatever the problem or unwanted behavior was. Whether it was repeating the same unhealthy relationship over and over again or knowing what triggers them, clients knew why it was happening but couldn’t break the cycle.

The more I tried to figure out how to help break the cycle, the more I realized how it is related to how our brain functions and reacts in a preconscious way to stimuli. For example, have you ever blurted something out and, almost in the same moment, tried to cover your mouth in an effort to stop yourself? It’s because the same part of your brain that keeps you safe is also the part that will react before you are consciously aware of what it’s about to do.

Fortunately, there are techniques and therapies that allow us to intervene at a preconscious level so that we can literally create new responses to the same triggers. I find clients feel a sense of freedom when they find out that they can retrain behaviors that were once unhealthy. It makes sense to me that, if our minds are conditioned or wired to react a certain way, then it can also be re-conditioned to act in a healthier way. I know that gives me a sense of relief as we learn so many lessons throughout life unintentionally. Now we can intentionally change for the better.

I start with a client-centered approach where I utilize evidence based treatments to help my clients experience relief, peace, and success. I love meeting people, exploring how they define their goals, and then doing everything I can to help them achieve them.

I work with people of all ages within my specializations of anxiety, depression, OCD, stress reduction, procrastination, relationships, tinnitus, and chronic illness. I have found that the tools I use are also very effective with ADHD, improved focus, sports enhancement and career advancement.


Sunday May 27 1PM EST
Sunday June 3 11AM EST
Sunday June 10 1PM EST
Sunday June 17 11AM EST
Sunday June 24 1PM EST

Are you a fit?

  • You must agree to take 100% responsibility for your own health and actions.
  • You must have the financial resources for this class and additional therapies.
  • You must be ready to apply what you learn.

Yes! I am ready to create my very own Tinnitus Treatment Roadmap!

This is a premium course intended for those with access to adequate resources for additional therapies.

wow i did not know we had these heartfelt responses to our active empathy questionnaire

i just took a peek at the responses in the DB section of the back end of the website — and i found a good number of really heartfelt responses on our active empathy questionnaire.

thank you for your responses, and i hope to have provided some helpful & soothing information in the YouTube video below…

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here’s a little bit about what it takes to publish caring, honest, correct, scientifically sound health information online

i kinda wanted to let you know what it’s like to publish health-related content online. it’s brutal…

…destructive efforts have included methods like:

  1. personal attacks
    1. via FaceBook messenger, FaceBook comments, blog comments, email
  2. financial attacks
    1. buying in bulk via fraudulent credit cards,
  3. threats
  4. hack attacks
  5. deceptive attacks (stealing my info and using it to sell scam products resulting in possibly thousands of people mistakenly thinking “I” sold them a poorly-written scammy eBook)

do you have any recommendations or solutions?



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The History of

  • Dainis W. Michel: tinnitus onset Feb 15 2002 4:30 PM
  • CureTinnitus.rg domain was registered by Dainis W. Michel on March 3d, 2004.
  • Blogging about progress, domain purchased as an intention, not as a cure — so the domain completes the thought: i wish to cure (my) tinnitus.
  • Addition of forum
  • Lots of nice people joined the forum, but then some incredibly angry people came along and threatened Dainis.
  • Dainis thought about how to finance the website, because management was getting time-intensive
  • Managing spam posts was getting to be about 2hrs per day
  • Update to WordPress
  • Dainis interviewed doctors, therapists, and those who had healed themselves of tinnitus. Dainis organized 28 Cure Tinnitus Shows and various support videos. The reason for interviewing and recording the interviews was essentially, because Dainis had run out of money traveling around the world seeking to cure his case of tinnitus. So, interviewing people for the website and helping others while helping himself seemed like a reasonable approach.
  • The intention to create a not-for-profit was one of the original goals for the website, but bringing that intention to full fruition simply seemed like a costly, time-consuming, not-that-worthwhile output of effort.
  • 2011 – focus on family matters
  • 2013 – Due to the unjust legal acknowledgement of fictional debts, Dainis has his business license revoked. No earnings or even transactions were allowed under the threat of significant penalties or jail time. Dainis pressed charges and insisted that people only be required to pay actual debts and not fictional ones. Dainis won his process against the Austrian Finanzamt, and the revocation of his business license was overturned in late 2016.
  • 2017 – Rebuilding the website.  What business form is it even? It’s simply an information platform that Dainis provides for free, in exchange for ad views or donations.
  • 2018 Doctors, therapists and counselors can create profiles and charge by the minute for tinnitus consultation.