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It is quite pleasing to have received a 4.61 out of 5.00 star rating from

It looks like they’ve closed their voting, however we continuously update our information, upgrade the website, and do all we can to be an effective, clear, helpful, honest, kind, scientifically medically and therapeutically sound resource for people who choose to take 100% responsibility for their own health and actions — and who choose the path of well being and healing from tinnitus.

It can be a long road, or a short road — and it is certainly possible to feel A LOT better — and we can and do help.

We appreciate positive and negative feedback and learn from it.

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dainis w michel

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"knee-jerk anger threaten to sue hot-headed blast it all" is a typical tinnitus response — join and learn to handle it NOW. it s*cks too much to be around you if you continue to act that way…

i received your voicemail as well and i am going to publish our discourse while making your name anonymous.

please don’t feel bad about it — but i am going to present you with the best response i can come up with.

as much as i understand your frustration — i replied to your first email — you missed the prompts for subscription and somehow found an out of date subscription level that is much less expensive than the current member due amount — and less than 3 full days later you are threatening with legal action over a $17 charge.

considering that legal action costs around $150 per hour for just the most basic services — i am tempted to say: go ahead sue me that is ridiculous, but of course, i won’t.

i’d like to tell you, with the sincerest of intentions, that your angry threatening response is dysfunctional in a way that is directly related to tinnitus.

i “almost” just refunded your amount and told you never to come near me or any of my virtual presences ever again — but it took me just a moment to figure out how to respond to you. since i know that the kind of outrage and knee-jerk response you are presenting me with is symptomatic of tinnitus, and because i know that our materials can help you and others in a similar state — i have chosen to publish our discourse so others can benefit.


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Public Request For YouTube To Lift The Ban On My dainismichel Account And My "is tinnitus curable?" video

Update October 24, 2012:

We’ve discovered that the correct terminology is “Repeal The Removal” of the video, not “lift the ban.”

Update October 23, 2012:

Watch This Video

Dear YouTube:
I cannot imagine that YouTube is against wholesome, scientifically grounded, honest, helpful and well-designed information. Quite likely the ban of my “is tinnitus curable?” video was just a mistake, with complaints initiated by angry, jealous, predatory, or lost personalities.

Who at YouTube really finds asking globally recognized tinnitus experts the question “is tinnitus curable?” in violation of spam, scam, or commercial deception policies?

In my opinion, scientifically sound thinking, appropriate therapeutic and medical attention — are NOT scams. Talking with experts about effective strategies for helping relieve a painful condition — is NOT deceptive. I figure YouTube agrees — or?

What about the video violates any YouTube policies?
When where why and how was the perceived violation determined? Was it just a mistake?

Since I, dainis w michel, as an individual, stand accused of violating YouTube policies — and may be inappropriately lumped with actual violators of your policies — I request that you kindly lift the ban. The longer the ban is in place, the more people will be harmed. How will YouTube hold itself responsible for lives lost as a result of its ban? For the pain and suffering caused?

Please accept that it’s pretty awful to be faced with such a degrading damaging and humiliating misperception of me — especially with a video that was not only gaining popularity — but that saves lives.

Please put me in touch with the individuals who determined the violation, or just reactivate the video so that people can benefit from healthy accurate helpful information on YouTube.

Original Video Link, Will Not Play Unless YouTube Lifts Its Ban Of Valid, Scientifically Sound, Loving, Caring, and Life-Saving Information Created By Experts:

Comments welcome in multiple locations on the web:!mydiscussions/youtube/HRIQRlPtaGo

Public Request For YouTube To Lift The Ban On My dainismichel Account And My "is tinnitus curable?" video

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Public Request For YouTube To Lift The Ban On My dainismichel Account And My "is tinnitus curable?" video

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hey, let's get together and chat on facebook…


we have a staff page: (you can be “friends” with our staff)

a fan page: (you can “like” the fanpage)

and a group: (you can join the group)

3 ways to access the same info i guess LOL

talk soon,



This post is only available to members. Video Stolen And Used For Illegal Profits (For a Product Called TinnitusMiracle)

wow — this one is quite surprising:

it looks like there are one or more “video stealing” professionals out there who are hijacking videos and information — then routing visitors of that information to products we’ve never even reviewed (for profit).

that’s not only nasty, but it’s illegal.

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