Finding Relaxing YouTube Videos

I just recorded a little video on how I find a nice variety of meditation music on YouTube. I search for meditation music (sometimes even more specifically than that) or meditation music nature, or meditation music happy or … get creative. Then I select the down arrow for search options and choose playlists. If you have an up-to-date browser, those playlists should play automatically, and the videos should load one after the other…here is a video on how to do it: enjoy!

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Cure Tinnitus Show #24

Here’s is our first Video NewsFlash! Let’s keep things moving, orient ourselves to well being, and continue to talk about what’s working for you…

Member Preparatory Video Available Below

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Continuing to use our four Program Guidelines listed below…

You’re invited to focus in on your situation, your stressors, the tinnitus, your therapy plan, etc. and relate those to our four Program Guidelines, which are:

1) Effective, relaxing, wonderful body-based therapy that works for you (CST, massage, physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture…etc. your choice do what works)

2) Effective relaxing mental/spiritual/emotional counseling or…Members can continue reading guidelines…


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Cure Tinnitus Show #23

After this experience:

…this was a relaxing and helpful show…

NOTE: the dailystrength link is no longer active. Basically, what happened was that really angry, trolling, negative, anonymous profiles started blasting me personally. It was horrible 🙁

Comments Questions and Situations…

Hi Dainis,

After a short period of T-free happyness, my T (scale 4/10) came back for a few weeks (stressfull times, bought a house etc..). Did lots of relaxation exercises, stretching and yoga and now it’s gone again (scale 1/10).

I would like to ask Julian about the following:
Each time I do my relaxation or meditation exercises I can feel my upper body shift into another position. My shoulder, back- and neckmuscles calm down and relax after a few seconds of relaxation. When they do, my head immediately feels free from tension around the jaws and the back of the head. I think this means I walk around with to much muscletension all day. What can I do to keep these important muscles relaxed during the day while workig etc.

Keep up the good work!!!

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Tinnitus Forum Tyrants

Tinnitus Forum Tyrants who discount, discredit, and abuse while firmly holding onto the false belief that there is ‘nothing you can do’ about tinnitus or that ‘you just have to learn to live with it,’ or who offer compassion solely based on the underlying assumption that tinnitus is incurable, such individuals do untold damage to our world, they even hold some personal accountability for unnecessary suicides as those stricken with tinnitus go through the process of panic and anxiety (often associated with Early Onset Cases or Recently Acquired Tinnitus).

Whether it is ego, pain, trauma, psychosis, or some other underlying reason, these “Tinnitus Forum Tyrants” manipulate forum visitors into a state of helplessness and victimization. They ignore facts, reason, as well as the science behind “getting better.” Instead of helping people cope with where they are now and helping them take steps towards well being, these tyrants function as toxic magnets of hopelessness, spreading a disease of dismay to all exposed to them. Is it that misery loves company? Why are they even there, and what can be done?”

What can be done about Tinnitus Forum Tyrants who spread dismay and misery and hopelessness?

If you encounter a Tinnitus Forum Tyrant, please feel free to post here. Some Tinnitus Forum Tyrants function as kind and compassionate…SOMETIMES…but if you happen to write something that gets their goat…WATCH OUT!

Would it make sense to expose the posts of Tinnitus Forum Tyrants here or would that just cause a lot of negativity and attack here at

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