The Cure Tinnitus Show Episode #1

What fun! Here is the uncut, unedited full-length show. Julian Cowan Hill and Dainis W. Michel do their best to tame the “Mighty Tinnitey!” Julian cured himself of tinnitus and dedicated his life to teaching others how to do the same. We mumble around a bit in the beginning, and then the format of the show was:

  1. Intros
  2. Questions from people with tinnitus
  3. Live tinnitus coaching session Dainis W. Michel as patient and Julian Cowan Hill as coach
  4. Wrap up


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Study for University of California, Irvine

Just letting everyone in the community know that I may be able to participate in a study conducted by the UCI team (lead by Dr Qing Tang and Dr Fan- Gang Zeng). They are interested in my case because not only do I have tinnitus, but I also experience some distortion of sound in my left ear (probably due to cochlear and/or nerve damage). UCI has been doing numerous amounts of research related to tinnitus and hearing/speech in general so I’m hoping by participating in the research I can help out as well. I will let you know the latest as time passes.



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