Tinnitus and Holidays — Peaceful or Stressful?

Are your holidays peaceful or stressful?

What is your honest answer?

If your holidays are peaceful, congratulations! What a wonderful blessing!

If your holidays are stressful, then there are you surrounded by people who:

  • Make you feel relaxed mentally, emotionally and physically
  • Help your body feel good
  • Listen to you and seek to understand your feelings
  • Care about your well-being and comfort
  • Make you laugh and enjoy yourself

The CureTinnitus.org Community is

  • Positive about tinnitus
  • Understands what you are going through
  • Understands tinnitus and how it works

Can you take a moment to think about your holidays and isolate situations and relationships that you could work on to create peace and harmony in your life? Does that seem possible or impossible?

Many of the exercises here are intended to help you relax and create a plan for improving your health and situation. Many times, tinnitus patients have a whole lot more going on than just tinnitus. Tinnitus can be the tip of the iceberg, and there’s nothing better than starting to release the core constraints causing chronic tinnitus.

The help you need is available for you, and an initial rule of thumb is that people and things that make you feel good (in a healthy way), are good for you. You are not alone and you need not struggle alone.

Best wishes and happy holidays!


NOTE: Some of the text above was modified from Julian Cowan Hill’s Book “Tinnitus From Tyrant to Friend, How to let go of Ringing in Your Ears”

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Video: Well-being with Julian Cowan Hill

Find out where you’re OK in this video. It’s a nice exercise to contact the parts of your body that are doing well. Sometimes, we get a bit removed from ourselves. We get so busy, tired, frustrated, or overworked, that we just don’t pay attention to ourselves as much as we need. Interestingly, despite all that, there are still parts of us that are A-OK! And that’s what we access in this video. (more…)

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Video: Where is your Attention? With Julian Cowan Hill

“When we have tinnitus, a lot of our attention is focused in our thoughts. We literally live in our heads and in our anxiety.”

Where is your attention? Is what you are focusing on relaxing you or agitating you? How well can you feel yourself as you are watching?

This video helps bring your awareness to a healthy place for soothing tinnitus. (more…)

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Wow, blog.curetinnitus.org is already getting spammed!

Is it a compliment? Well, it’s certainly an annoyance, we’re already getting spammed, and I wonder if there will be any hacking attempts. 

Folks, this is why I’ve created a paid membership community. There needs to be some kind of shield from hacking and spamming, and hack-happy-spam folks won’t pay money just to spam a site. 

This blog will remain up for as long as I can keep it going. If there are any web-savvy tinnitus folks out there who can help, please just get in touch. 



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Scientific Review of The American Tinnitus Association’s Roadmap to a Cure With Suggestions For Improvement

If you visit http://www.ata.org/research/research_roadmap.php, you’ll find their suggested roadmap to a cure for tinnitus.

2013 Update new link: http://www.ata.org/research#Roadmap

The roadmap is a good start, and upon close review, could benefit from particular adjustments. If you go over the roadmap, can you see how it presents underlying assumptions that may or may not be true, which can therefore lead to potentially false conclusions?

We are curious about your feedback. Can you find logical inconsistencies in the ATA’s roadmap and make additional suggestions? We are here to support the ATA in their mission of curing tinnitus — which naturally means revealing logical and scientific inaccuracies in their process. We are not implying that “none” of the ATA’s information is accurate — we are simply offering a scientific review with suggestions for consideration.

July 10th, 2009 update: Check out this graphic to see the current CureTinnitus.org Review of the ATA’s Roadmap to a Cure:

CureTinnitus.org Comments on the ATA's Roadmap to a Cure for Tinnitus

Click on the image and open it to view it at full size

The date of the graphical review above is around 2008-2009. We will make an effort to provide an updated review.

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Cure Tinnitus Blog vs. Cure Tinnitus Community

Hi All, 

Here are the main differences between the Cure Tinnitus Blog and the Cure Tinnitus Community. 

Cure Tinnitus Blog 

  • Free to register, can donate, if you like
  • Will include more and more advertising
  • Information free-for-all, not really crafted or monitored extensively
  • Excerpts from interviews and webinars done for the Cure Tinnitus Community
  • Used for technical testing to optimize the Cure Tinnitus Community, so sometimes you’ll see funky things happening!
  • Users can bookmark, share, comment etc. 

Cure Tinnitus Community

  • Membership site with Initial Fee and Monthly Dues 
  • No advertising, instead, you get discounts on tinnitus-related products and services. Some of the discounts are enough to pay for the cost of membership. 
  • Crafted information and community monitored for kindness
  • Health information to help people with tinnitus get on the right track
  • Ongoing addition of videos and interviews
  • Scheduled interactive webinars with tinnitus experts and healing practitioners
  • Initial Package Content in Download area
  • Ask the expert area where you can access top healing practitioners and tinnitus specialists
  • In-depth information for knowledge seekers
  • Compassionate support from a kind community of people with tinnitus
  • Support in dealing with the emotional side of tinnitus
  • Support in dealing with the physical side of tinnitus
  • Cooperation in creating the kind of online community that suits your needs…we will listen to you!
  • Users can comment and participate, but things like bookmarking and sharing aren’t really a part of the site, the site is designed for your benefit exclusively. 
  • Much more!

Best wishes and smiles to you!


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Paid membership community


You may have already gotten in touch, but I wanted to make another post about the release of the CureTinnitus.org paid membership community. I was going to take this blog down, however, I’ve now reconsidered, thinking that it might be a resource for people searching for information. However, I will need to put advertisements on this site, in order to finance it. I tend not to like sites that have advertisements on them.

If you are registered at this site, you can watch some of the videos in “Subscriber Content” and get a feel for the kind of information the paid membership community will provide.

I have additional interviews and work with Julian Cowan Hill scheduled, along with an arrangement with Kevin Hogan and Dr. Greuel, who’ve also granted us interviews. We will be creating meditation audios and videos, and here’s a complete list of paid member benefits.

  • Health information to help people with tinnitus get on the right track
  • Ongoing addition of videos and interviews
  • Ask the expert area where you can access top healing practitioners and tinnitus specialists
  • In-depth information for knowledge seekers
  • Compassionate support from a kind community of people with tinnitus
  • Support in dealing with the emotional side of tinnitus
  • Support in dealing with the physical side of tinnitus
  • Discounts on tinnitus-related products and services
  • Much more!
We already have some discounts lined up for members. 
So, this post is to gain a feel for what you would be willing to pay for membership to curetinnitus.org. Also, bear in mind that the legal risk is significant, and that legal guidance is expensive. Providing this free resource for you comes with considerable personal risk and expense.
I am committed to making this website a kind, effective, and cherished resource for its members, and I would very much appreciate your input on what you would pay to be a member. 
Here’s what I have planned. 

Release Dec. 15th. (BETA)

$150 for a 1yr membership
(only available to registrants of this blog)

Holiday Special


Regular price (starts Dec 27th, 2008)

$97 to join (and receive the extensive Initial Package)
Also, it’s important for me to mention that I am putting together an “Initial Package” that will include the best resources I can find for anyone with tinnitus. It will include information from Julian Cowan Hill, Dr. Greuel, and other tinnitus experts. I will need to pay them for the products, since it is commercial information (like books and audios that they sell). 

Wishing you the very best, and do register now at no cost to you so that you get the information on the very best deal. Also, a good example of the kind of information you will be getting at this site is the Julian Cowan Hill interview in the Subscriber Content area. 

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!
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Announcements: Changing site location and significant savings for early members


I’m moving this site from http://blog.curetinnitus.org to https://www.curetinnitus.org today. If everything works, there will be no need to re-register.

Also, in the next week or so, this site will launch as a paid membership site. Contacts with top health care practitioners are in place. Product discounts are in place. Interviews are lined up. Everything is coming together nicely…for you.

In keeping with the “conscious commerce” philosophy, scholarship memberships will be available for people who need them.

Current registrants (registration fees are voluntary) will receive a one-time, super-savings offer that no one else will have access to. Register now to become a member of this warm, friendly, helpful community at the lowest price possible.

Best wishes,

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