what is the deepest desire of someone with tinnitus?

What, in your opinion, is the deepest desire of someone with tinnitus?

Is it to get better?

Is it to “find a cure?”

Is it to “be cured?”

Do you have tinnitus?

If I honestly ask myself what is my most primal desire: it is to receive compassion, to receive pity, to be loved even when I am weak. To be accepted in my state. To have my pain accepted and to be treated with care love sensitivity and kindness.

If you have tinnitus — what is your deepest desire — really?

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    What do you feel is the deepest desire of someone with tinnitus? Is it “to be healed?” Is it “to be cured” or to “find a cure?” I took a deep look at myself and found out that really, I want compassion. I want pity. I want to be loved even though I am hurting. I want to be coddled. Those might not be “only healthy” desires.

    Since I am only 98% better and still have a tiny bit of tinnitus left, I am going through some last steps with regard to letting the condition go, and saying goodbye to the ringing completely.

    I think, investigating what your deepest desire really is, might be helpful. Is it a desire for silence? Is it for things to be the way they were?

    While running curetinnitus.org, I have encountered people with the most incredibly traumatizing stories from abuse to divorce to tyrannical bosses or inlaws or experiences as soldiers. It seems like trauma and tinnitus definitely go hand in hand – and healing from trauma certainly offers relief.

    And well, I have now connected my tinnitus with a deep longing for a true, honest partner. A partner who loves me with the same compassion, care, kindness, and honesty — with which I love. A longing to be treated right and to not be yelled at or abused.

    Sure, I’ve gotten all the physical stuff out the way. Doctors, audiologists, blood tests, MRI, all that stuff — so I’m a few steps further than many, however, if you care to share, is your “deepest desire” just to “be cured” or is there more involved for you?

    Of course feel free to share or just privately mull these thoughts over. I have an article here as well: http://www.curetinnitus.org/what-is-the-deepest-desire-of-someone-with-tinnitus/

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        Hi Essie, everything can be ok. Really. I go for days at a time with no awareness of tinnitus at all. I am not “completely cured,” but others have been. I am the admin here, the organizer, so to speak. My tinnitus is near non-existent and nowhere near what it was.

        The “free” way to go is to just visit this link, print out the 5 Guidelines and apply them positively in your life.


        We put together a course called the RAT course (LOL), which stands for Recently Acquired Tinnitus. It is available for all member levels, including donation-based. So, to access our courses, you can choose a donation amount of as low as $1/month and then you have access to the courses in a self-paced setting.

        You can also purchase a standard package either self-paced or guided support. Those come with the CureTinnitus.org version of Julian Cowan Hill’s eBook “Tinnitus from Tyrant to Friend.”

        We’ve received a whole lot of criticism in the past. People have called us the nastiest of names like scammer and charlatan and worse. Really — all I “did” is collect information from people who claimed to have healed themselves, and I interviewed the most positive, skilled, and knowledgeable doctors and practitioners who actually have good results helping people with tinnitus.

        My focus is on healing and on you doing what works for you.

        Hang in there. Find things that soothe you. Read over the 5 Guidelines — register for our free course and log in — go through all those videos. If you are in crisis, call a crisis line. Cry if you need to. Reach out and get the help you need right now.

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    Id like to be cured please very much id love that i have my children living with me and i cant stand seeing them seeing in this painfull moment . I dont want to loose myself or my babies .
    So curetinnitus please help me…

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