Walk for a Cure

As some of you may already know, the ATA is doing a walk for the cure on May 16, 2009. There is a physical walk in Irvine Regional Park and a virtual walk online.  All donations to to the walk or in support of walkers will help fund research, just like the research going on at UCI. Just go to ATA.org for more info.

As I am a student/part time worker, money has always been an issue, so I will be a walker and gathering sponsors as well (if anyone is willing to support my walk i would be eternally grateful).  Whether or not the ATA will ever come up with a “cure” is debatable, but more research and treatments couldn’t hurt.

All the best,

-Jeff Dennison

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    Hi Jason, you can definitely make a donation; just go to ATA.org and you’ll see the walk for a cure info, there is a “virtual walk” so everyone can be a part of it. you can support a walker such as myself (I will be in the list of walkers) or you can make a donation to the event. Thanks! 🙂
    -Jeff Dennison

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