Video: Well-being with Julian Cowan Hill

Find out where you’re OK in this video. It’s a nice exercise to contact the parts of your body that are doing well. Sometimes, we get a bit removed from ourselves. We get so busy, tired, frustrated, or overworked, that we just don’t pay attention to ourselves as much as we need. Interestingly, despite all that, there are still parts of us that are A-OK! And that’s what we access in this video.

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One thought on “Video: Well-being with Julian Cowan Hill

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    hi, I came across your site by chance when looking online for some help with the perpetual ringing in my right ear. It seemed to start after my right ear got blocked with wax. This happened after i put my fingers in my ears to block out the voice of someone who was saying (shouting) nasty things to me and really upsetting me (has been going on for years!). Sometimes he is okay but other times, very frequently, he is really horrible to me. He says it is my fault that he reacts like this as I wind him up so guess it must be my fault. So when i removed my fingers from my ears i noticed a faint buzzing in right ear. Anyhow went to local doctor and he says I have a lot of wax in ears. He did a rapid water injection into ears and got out loads of wax. I was afraid but he carried on and he was very very rushed. It hurt a bit and i felt dizzy afterwards. Anyhow all was ok but i could still hear a faint buzzing in right ear. All this coincided with a move (moved house loads of times in the past few years), to another house. I didn’t really want to move at all but there were problems with current house and I knew that if we stayed in that house and more problems occured, my partner’s reaction to them would be to drink more alcohol and then speak to me or treat me badly. H really cannot deal with stress or problems and I have always to be the strong, calm adult one of us. So I agreed to move. Slowly we moved into this (rented) house bringing things over like furniture etc…slowly and unrushed during the following month. So one time we stayed overnight with the intention of getting the house in order (painting, making the kitchen nicer etc..before moving in completely). The following day we were due to go back to the old house. So we were now living in 2 houses, one foot in each house. Anyhow, after sleeping here on some cushions as the beds were not here yet, (live here permanantly again), got up in the morning and went out into the garden, It is very very quiet here in the middle of the countryside. Well I was in the garden and I had this ringing sound roaring in my right ear. It frightened me and I ran in the house and put on some music which drowned it out and calmed me down. Since then I have had this ringing in my ear 24/7. I am at a loss as to what to do about it. This was about 2 months ago and I have had it 24/7 since then.
    Went to the doctor and he dismissed me, telling me there is nothing that can be done. Have a new doctor who is much more sympathetic. Spoke to him for a few minutes and he said that I am very stressed and gave me anti stress pills prescription. I have not taken them as I have to buy them at the pharmacy and there is no spare money. I went to the hospital and had a hearing test (of sorts, didn’t seem like much of a proper hearing test to me). Anyhow result by them is that my hearing is normal. Doctor there also said that i am very stressed. Now they want to do an MRI (which will probably result in normal hopefully) but I cannot go to get this MRI done as again it will cost.
    We have severe money problems and are living well below the poverty level – our monthly income at the moment for both of us is 340 euros and we have nothing left in the bank.
    How do I go about being a member so that i can access your site to start to help myself get rid of this. Please tell me – you say that i can be a member by giving a donation, the amount of which is my choice. Is that correct? If I then donate a small amount (due to my financial circumstances, when they improve I shall gladly give more), can I then be a member and get help please?
    I have noticed online that people have used SERC and have found that very helpful in eradicating this ringing sound, Do you know anything about this or know people who have used SERC for this.
    Also, it is now September 2014 but I notice that your posts go to February 2014. Are you still updating and is this wonderful site still be monitored? Please help me if you can as I feel like I am going insane and this ringing has taken over my life. I have no-one to speak with about this and feel totally isolated and out of control over myself and my life. I really could do with some help. I am in france and have no social outlet apart from the person that i live with – and this is a very stressful and unhappy relationship. I have no family as they have all passed on apart from a brother who stole all my money years ago and I have not seen him in over 20 years. I have tried to contact him but have got nowhere with him and have had to accept that I will never see my brother again. I hate him for what he did but I still love him as he is my brother….crazy! I have one friend here, an American girl, for whom I have always been strong and helpful both mentally and physically including helping her move house and cooking for her. But she is so depressed and i find it distressing speaking to her as I always feel so down after speaking with her.
    I am sorry for going on but would really appreciate it if I could communicate with you or if you can give me any help or advice. Also about how I can be a member as I have little or truthfully no funds right now…..I am so sorry and wish I could win the lottery and give you loads and loads of money to help as I feel after having had a look at your site that you are a good person trying to help others who suffer. Well I won’t go on any more as I fear that I may have tried your patience enough by now….sorry but it is simply a plea for some help here. Thank you so much.
    By the way, I am just turned 58, female, reasonably educated and intelligent but have put on over 28 pounds in the past few years mainly eating chocolate and cakes to orally compensate for unhappiness, and have done little or no exercise to speak of. I am now trying to do a bit more exercise….will this help do you think? For now, thank you for reading this, amanda
    (PS: Have continually tried to get employment but have had no success….there is little if anything here in rural france. I want to return to stressy UK not because I want to live there but because I think there may be more chance of work and making some money there. However my partner is reluctant to return. He had a stroke at the age of 51 due to heavy smoking and drinking and probably deep unhappiness and lack of exercise. He is alright physically but refuses to take any medication. He has a c’est la vie attitude to life and says that he doesn’t need or want medication and that the best thing is just a positive attitude to life. He is still smoking and drinking and I am afraid that one day I will find him again on the floor having had another stroke – if he has another stroke then he may end up physically and permanantly disabled for life. His mum will not help me.
    I am the one who has always had to deal with all the problems and the admin and the bills and the lack of money. I cannot discuss with him as he reacts like a child and is no support. (I am very tired)…okay, think that you have all the facts now….thank you again for reading – please can you email me back? thank you….hopefully hear from you amanda (hope you don’t kick me out of your site?!! I really am normal, just need some help please).

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