Tinnitus Treasure Video Part II

Tinnitus Treasure Part II (Investigation and Evaluation)

Why Tinnitus is the Best Thing that Ever Happened to You…But Now What?

4 Practical Steps Anyone Can Take to Make Tinnitus into an Empowering, Gratifying, and Healing Experience. 

by Dainis W. Michel

The 4-part video series shows you how to end suffering with tinnitus and begin your empowering journey of healing.


2 thoughts on “Tinnitus Treasure Video Part II

  1. Jeffekins

    “Steak, whiskey, beer.. heyy!!” haha =] that made me laugh lol

    I am curious as to the superfoods, can you give me a few recipes or can I find them online?

    Yes, tinnitus really can help you figure out what is important. Before I had tinnitus, my priorities were just school, work, going out with friends and having a blast.. now my priorities are my family, my close friends, and of course my own health. I have realized who my true friends are and the people who really care about me and who are helping me get through this.. and have I taken these people for granted in the past? If so, that needs to come to my attention..

    i just want to add that you are truly an inspiration and i hope that more people find your website. I find your videos (and especially this one) to be enlightening, and it really gives me hope, and I’m sure others too.

    God bless..

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