Tinnitus Treasure Video Part I

Tinnitus Treasure Part I (Dedication to being on the empowering path of self healing)

Why Tinnitus is the Best Thing that Ever Happened to You…But Now What?

4 Practical Steps Anyone Can Take to Make Tinnitus into an Empowering, Gratifying, and Healing Experience. 

by Dainis W. Michel

The 4-part video series shows you how to end suffering with tinnitus and begin your empowering journey of healing.


One thought on “Tinnitus Treasure Video Part I

  1. Jeffekins

    this video, like the first video entitled “tinnitus cure community” is very sincere. As hard as it is to think of tinnitus as a blessing, I think that is the best way to look at it. I definitely know what you mean about being more compassionate and caring. I have noticed lately that I can put myself in other peoples’ shoes a lot easier than I could have in the past, before tinnitus came around. After watching this video, I believe that the path toward self healing can be a great, rewarding path, thanks for sharing it with us =]

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