Tinnitus Specialist Julian Cowan Hill Webinar at CureTinnitus.org

Folks, this is thrilling!

Tinnitus Specialist Julian Cowan Hill will be giving a webinar at CureTinnitus.org. If you do a bit of research on him, you will note that he is a beacon of real hope for our community.

Nothing can compare with the experience of actually being able to interact with a healing practitioner who “let go” of his own tinnitus, and who teaches others to do the same.

Stay tuned for updates as to when the event will happen. Make sure to register so that you don’t miss it. Also, the webinar will be free.

2 thoughts on “Tinnitus Specialist Julian Cowan Hill Webinar at CureTinnitus.org

  1. Jeffekins

    I did watch Julian Hill’s video on youtube. He seems very knowledgeable about this condition. Getting in touch with the body (getting the nervous system out of “red alert”) and letting go of all negativity associated with tinnitus are both excellent pieces of advice. Can’t wait for the webinar. =]

  2. admin

    Dear Jeff,

    Julian is a treasure. I met with him over the weekend, and not only is his heart in the right place, his knowledge and skills are over-the-top awesome. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have met him. Fortunately, we don’t all need to storm his office, though going to see him is highly recommended. I’ll be posting our interview soon, and we will be doing webinars and interviews for the CureTinnitus.org community. There are some basics like emotional healing and physical contact that Julian promotes. It’s really nice that we can “get” that wherever we are, and that we can walk the path of releasing our tinnitus.


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