Tinnitus Patient Personality Characteristics

Care and Concern

Care and Concern

It might be tough to accept, but research shows that people with tinnitus exhibit similar behavioral characteristics. A logical thing to ask then, is whether the characteristics actually cause the tinnitus, instead of the trigger or event that tinnitus patients often associate with tinnitus (the concert, the loud noise, the stress, etc.).

The following translation is not available anywhere else in the world. I personally translated the German text of the scientific study for you.

Here is my translation of Dr. Greuel’s “Die Biomentale Therapie.” (p. 39)

Tinnitus Patient Personality Characteristics

In the course of treating several thousand patients, including the group for this study, a fairly uniform personality of tinnitus patients became apparent.

* Conscientious, duteous, strong sense of duty
* High-effort and diligence
* High demands of self
* High ambition
* Perfectionism to the point of being pedantic
* Compuslive and depressive
* Tendency to overextend, overwork, overburden, and exhaust oneself
* Lack of ability to relax, reduce the load of burdens, and regenerate

Most patients say that they can’t “turn off,” that they think constantly, they complain, and are mentally very active. (Note, the German “geistig ständig aktiv” also implies high emotional and spiritual activity along with mental activity).

Rest, relaxation, recuperation, vacations, being lazy, etc. are completely foreign to most tinnitus patients.
Also, the boundaries of one’s own capacity to cope with pressure tend to be either ignored or not honored. As such, the symptoms of tiredness and exhaustion that register themselves to our bodies in the form of temporary tinnitus, dizziness, pressure in the ears, headaches and migraines get ignored. The symptoms are not understood as warning signals anymore, they are dismissed or suppressed with medications.

Dr. med Hans Greuel Die Biomentale Therapie: Ergebnisse eines wissenschaftlichen Forschungsprojektes am Beispiel einer Psychoneruroimmunologischen (PNI- Therapie) des Hörstüres, Morbus Meniere, und Tinnitus, ISBN; 3-9801449-4-1 ,p. 39.

JULIAN COWAN HILL R.C.S.T., TINNITUS, FROM TYRANT TO FRIEND: How to Let Go of Ringing in Your Ears, p. 10.

Edition: 03

26 thoughts on “Tinnitus Patient Personality Characteristics

  1. bree623

    It wasn’t until my connection here with this site, that I realized the onset of my T started 2 years ago.

    it started with vision disturbance’s, then migraines and vertigo.

    Wish I would have known then what I know now.

    The vision disturbances would hit a few times a week, and I was told by my Chiropractor that I could end up with migraines, which of course I did.

    All have subsided at this point, but the T is still with me, but I am happy to report that I do get relief from it, even if it is only for a short while.

    1. Landish

      Please, tell me how u got relief from tinnitus. My tinnitus is with me 24/7, very annoying. sometimes I think it will drive me crazy. If u know how to help, would really appreciate it. Merci.

      1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

        Hi Landish, this website is a safe haven and information for people who decide to choose a path of healing from tinnitus. I called it “from tinnitus to liberation.” I’ve interviewed several people who’ve healed themselves of tinnitus, and I’ve interviewed the therapists and doctors who have helped them. It’s a process, it’s not a “secret,” it’s a “path” and not a “cure.” The shortest description I have is “Well being is the opposite of tinnitus” and those are the 7 words that heal/cure tinnitus. If you start with that, it can already help. Our program is step by step, it really does “peel the layers of tinnitus” or “clear the fog of tinnitus,” but sometimes, you don’t just go from “fog” to “all clear” without a process.

  2. Linda Dunnihoo

    I do recognize myself in so many ways. I just cut down 2 days a week of work 3 weeks ago and I have yet to take a day off. 🙂

    I don’t tend to blame other people for my problems; I tend to blame MYSELF for other people’s problems. Today for example one of my students didn’t show up and my first thought was that *I* had it wrong. But I didn’t.

    Just BEING makes me nervous. I can sure procrastinate, I do anything to keep busy. When I am just sitting watching television, I am knitting. I can’t just sit there otherwise.

    And my body wanted to go to bed an hour ago but it was only 7:15 so I made myself wait. Now, I’m not sleepy.

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      I know what you mean by blaming yourself for other peoples’ problems. I’m a bit stuck in wondering whether I am “100% responsible for everything in my life” including other peoples’ behavior.

    2. jenna

      im13 i dont stress about anything…my ears ring almost every moment its quiet…my ears pop when i swallow,yawn,and if i do this weird thing with my jaw/tongue/throat i get dizzy and i get little head eaches i hate my ears when they ring….this has been going on for about 1 or 2 years (:

      1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

        oh jenna sweetie, here, i find tinnitus:

        i dont stress about anything

        followed by

        i hate my ears when they ring … (:

        is hatred stressful? i mean…it certainly is for me…i mean i could certainly imagine that i would not feel too comfortable about that. can you see how we found a direct contradiction in your post? you write that you don’t stress about anything, but then you say you hate your ears. hatred is quite stressful. now i’m not at all implying that “all” you need to do is address that, not at all, our program includes guidelines for physical and emotional/mental therapy…along with personal investigation and relief and establishing a joyful network of supportive people.

        …it’s not 100% ready, but we will soon have a complimentary program for teens. if you remind me, i can set up a log in for you even before the program is really “released.”


  3. jason floore

    I am so happy to find this site!!!
    I will be having a hernia removed tomorrow. 4-20-09
    After reading and taking in all the Great information on this site. It is very clear that i am way to uptight and need to chill out. I use to drink a gallon of sweet tea every 2 days and coffee on top of that. I am starting to eat fruit and drink OJ and plenty of water. I already feel i am on the road to living tinnitus free.
    Thanks, from the bottom of my heart.
    And to the negative people, try and look a little deeper.

  4. SRavis

    It is a good informations I have started collecting now. I have been having this T problem since three years and when there is no sound around I hear that ringing sound more and it disturbs me when Iam not busy .
    I hafe it on my right ear.

    Would like to hear a permanent solution.Will surgery help?I

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      We have worked with people recovering from surgery, and results have been good. Surgery as a viable treatment option for tinnitus would put 10% of the human population under the knife. You will find many reports of people who have had surgery for tinnitus, only to have the tinnitus remain. Also, tinnitus onset can be the result of surgery. Maybe there are some tinnitus-surgery success stories, though I haven’t found them, and they likely have their own pattern or constellation of symptoms/situations/causes. I advocate that people do what’s right for them and that they seek a variety of opinions from therapeutic and medical experts. We’ve distilled that information for members at CureTinnitus.org. In general, the principles we teach at CureTinnitus.org allow people to gain direct control over their tinnitus and actually, their lives. The proper knowledge coupled with the right actions, therapy and community can work very well, feel very good, and have a direct impact on tinnitus.

  5. s.

    yes, i do recognize the personality traits. i call it autopilot. i used to feel like a shark, always swimming around, looking for the next thing to busy myself. and i even delluded myself into thinking this type of activity was “dynamic” it’s really quite mad. i see it in others often and am working on pacing myself. this can be a challenge some days not to be that gerbil on the treadmill.

  6. Troy Logan

    Hi , i need some help i have been dealing with tinnitus for last a months , the sound is so painful, i was an interstate truck driver until 4 days ago . and the only way i could deal with it, even a little, was to work and have constant sound around me. i have since stopped work through , exhuastion , and pain and am getting very depressed . as it adjusts itself to sounds around me . and makes itself louder. i dont know what the meaning of relaxing is or even how not to be tense. my sleep is only 4 hrs a nite. and i feel like its sending me insane . some times it goes into stereo and its at that point i cannot handle anymore. and i have done pain management courses for back pain so i have a high pain tolerance. no one beleives that the sound is what is causing my depression . i want quality of sleep back and some type of a normal life again.

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Hey Troy, that is quite a story, and I am very sorry that such pain has caused us to meet. If our methodology appeals to you (which is basically “We give people with tinnitus the power to heal themselves by learning from people who have done it successfully.”), then why not give it a try, risk free?

    2. debra

      hi: I’m pretty much all the things that were listed as far as characteristics. I”ve had this disability for nearly 8yrs non-stop 24-7 My fear is that this will never stop…or even worse get louder…
      any suggestions?

  7. Jim Falsey

    I have been a tinitus sufferer for about 20 years. Working in a heavy machinery factory for 45 years is the source of my condition. I to experienced severe migrains in the early years of my tinnitus but I never connected the two. I also recognize myself in the personality traits. I am retired now and the only relief I ever had from my tinnitus was going to work and letting the factory noise mask the sounds in my ears. As time goes by it just gets worse, it is so loud now in my left ear that I cannot hear anything else on that side. I tell everyone that I am deaf on that side so they will speak to my right side. I am out of options and just have to deal with this I guess. I have tried hearing tests and they show significant hearing loss in both ears. Why do I hear the sounds so well? Very frustrating.

  8. Bradley Winchcombe

    Hi well i got Tinnitus When i was almost 17, Had a bad headcold, blocked up etc.
    Suspect that was the trigger for it
    But anyway right on midnight i got this terrible ‘hiss’ going on as time went on it turned into a ‘hissing pulsing’ sound in time with my heart beat. Most times i have been able to manage it. i have tried some Homeopathic remedies in the past, unsure if they worked or not as i have good spells and bad but lately it has been even louder and background noise is often not enough to drown it out. I absolutely notice all those habitual things characteristics in myself, Dont wanna go anywhere and just do what i can do help keep myself good condition and lower the levels of tinnitus.
    I’m now almost 21 and am so stoaked to find this community has come together to help each other. Really awesome and i look foward to digesting all i can from the information you guys have on here.

  9. D.S. "Bo" Bradshaw

    OK, just decided to look up this condition tonight. I was reading the characteristics and nearly fainted when I thought that German Dr. knew me that well.

    I checked out the Mayo Clinc site first when I googled, and found that I have multiple connections to causes, and also most of the advanced complications.

    I’m 48, had to give up working construction and maitenence work due to rotator cuff, tendonitus, neck and back injuries all combined that alos brought me to complete nervous breakdown five years ago. Had one ear blocked for about a year and a half before I was able to get it cleared. Have had T for three years now. I am now a university student four years toward my teaching cert. One more to go, but it is getting near impossible for me to hear low tone voices, and concentration is a real chore. well, that’s probably more than you wanted to know. So, is there any hope for me at this late stage?


    1. Denise Chapman

      I too had blocked ears for almost a year..and then the tinnitus resulted after that…. my blocked ears were brought on by a wicked sinus infection that was induced by major stress… I have many of the traits above, too… though not all… i can relax and do nothing… but the sound that has gotten so loud is what makes me keep moving… I have also figured out that chocolate is a major trigger… trying to eat more plant based diet but that gets hard… I know this won’t be easy.

    2. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      you may want to look into raw chocolate…into what the food really is and how it is affecting you…and then into how it’s prepared and how that affects you…best and thanks for commenting

  10. Anthony

    I am a very relaxed guy. Practice meditation daily, do yoga, etc. Eat an organic, sugar free, additive free, preservative free, mostly raw vegan diet with only grass fed beef or fish once in while, I don’t do caffeine, don’t take meds, have great relationships with supportive people, etc. I am the exact opposite of the profile.

    The ringing in my ears is louder than the world around me and there are like five or six different tones going at once 24/7. I can’t go anywhere remotely noisy unless I have earplugs. It just keeps getting worse and worse. I am 41 and this started in my teens and has gotten progressively louder over the years.

    I haven’t been on this site that much but I have not heard one thing that is useful. Is there real help here to diminish or stop tinnitus or is this essentially a support group that helps people feel better. I just want this to quiet down so I can live a semi-normal life. Restaurants are too loud for me and it really cramps my style as a single guy. My doctor says I have one of the worst cases he has seen but I am not freaking out about it. I go on with my life but I don’t like the restrictions and would like to at least diminish the volume.

    You can call it a teacher but that is how we have to look at the shitty things in our life. Like being left at the alter and then saying it was the best thing that ever happened… No it wasn’t! I was horrible! If you read the book Stumbling On Happiness, we just do that sort of thing to cope with things and go on with our day…which is useful. My Zen practice enables me to not identify or get overly upset about it, but the reality is that I can’t go to concerts, to bars, to restaurant, parties, anywhere remotely loud or crowded, etc.

    If I can’t change that then I can’t and I’ll be fine but I sure would like to!

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Anthony, are you a member? I don’t think you’re getting “guided support,” but let me know if you are. We addressed your question in Cure Tinnitus Show #22, and well, my impression is that there is “a lot” of tinnitus in your comment here. With your permission, even though I’m only the administrator here (and founder), I could do my best to outline it for you…

  11. Anthony

    I am not getting guided support from this site. On my end of things, I am working with a psychologist who does EMDR and hypnosis, a physician who does cranial sacral work and acupunture, a chiropractor who specializes in upper cervical and head issues and I also get massages on a regular basis. I have always gotten bodywork done and checked in with a shrink a few times a year as an adjunct to my practice of Zen, Qui Kung and yoga. My mind is generally happy and my body feels great (minus a herniated disc that flares up once in a while) but the volume of the ringing is completely unaffected by any of the good things I practice for a healthy body and mind.

    I would love for you to “outline it” for me. Anything that can help or teach me something new or useful would be much appreciated. I have never made it a goal to get rid of tinnitus, haven’t thought about it as an enemy or a major problem but lately it has been a real pain in the ass due to the way it has restricted my activities with my son and girlfriend this summer.

    Thanks for getting back to me!

  12. jim

    Been a T sufferer for almost a year and thought I’d hunt the web for a miracle cure as I’m getting pissed off . . . there is none of course . . but found the above profile on my travels: it fits me perfectly, word for word . . . . I’m also an Atrial Fib sufferer and wonder if these two conditions regularly present together . . . given that they both have spontaneous nerve firing in common? Ok must rush off and do some utterly pointless activity . .

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