Tinnitus Patient Characteristics

After working with Dr. Greuel in Germany, who has treated tens of thousands of tinnitus patients, I realized that I fit the “character type” for patients that wind up seeing Dr. Greuel. It’s possible that Dr. Greuel’s tinnitus patient character analysis may be accurate, and I will do my best to recount it here. I loaned Dr. Greuel’s books to someone who moved away without giving them back, so I have to do my best to remember:

Tinnitus patient characteristics:

  • Teachers
  • Doctors
  • Musicians
  • Business owners
  • Serve others at their own expense
  • Are sometimes “too” punctual or “too” something, which often leads to excellent results…at the patient’s expense
  • Take a lot of responsibility on their shoulders (especially responsibility for others)
  • High-stress jobs, lifestyle, difficult to relax
  • Have stressors and pressures in their relationships
  • High expectations of self and others
There are others as well, but I can’t remember right now.
Instead of lowering our standards, is there a way to have healthy high standards?
Is there a way to take care of others while taking care of ourselves?
Do you fit any of these characteristics? What additional characteristics do you think contribute to your tinnitus?

2 thoughts on “Tinnitus Patient Characteristics

  1. eastcoastscott

    Oh yeah, bigtime stress at work and some health concerns may be contributing factors. I’ve always wondered if dental work (fillings etc) can contribute to tinnitus?

  2. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

    Sure there are physical factors that lead to constant stress. Heavy metal toxicity, like chronic “mild” mercury poisoning definitely warrants being looked into. I’ve done a bunch of detox stuff, but haven’t yet found the right solution for me. I’m planning a fantastic spring though, with cleansing, strengthening, and revitalization! 🙂

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