Tinnitus: From Tyrant to Friend (eBook) by Julian Cowan Hill

This book shows you how to let go of tinnitus and charts the landmarks of progress you make as you get better. You will find specific techniques to help distract, focus and relax you, so that you can manage this condition better. Julian developed these techniques to master his own tinnitus, and fine-tuned them working over many thousands of hours with clients. In this book you will find the fruits of many hours of research, study and clinical experience condensed into a manageable and positive approach to helping tinnitus.

You are recommended to print off a copy as you may need to refer back to the techniques frequently, until they become second nature. This is a book to dip into over a period of months and absorb slowly, as well as a quick initial read in passing.

In Julian’s experience, those that take on board the advice offered and put the techniques into practice on a regular basis, make good progress. Almost everyone finds they are more able to cope with tinnitus and are not nearly so bugged by it. However, many go on to make a good recovery where they start forgetting about symptoms and have to really focus on tinnitus to find it. How much progress you make depends on how far you are prepared to look after yourself.

As well as this highly practical approach, Julian will guide you as to what kind of external help you will need to let go of symptoms. A chart called the ‘Well-being Matrix for Tinnitus’ gives you a clear framework of how people get better. Here you can locate your own level of progress and be clear about what might be holding you back, and where you may need help. Most people are happy when they make it up to level 4 on the chart out of a possible 7 levels.

Julian’s e-book called “From Tyrant to Friend” costs £17.50 and is available for download as a PDF by clicking below.

To download the eBook, you will be taken to a registration page at CureTinnitus.org. Once you’ve registered, you will be able to download the eBook instantly.

11 thoughts on “Tinnitus: From Tyrant to Friend (eBook) by Julian Cowan Hill

  1. Robert M Bostwick

    I purchased your ebook through paypal but was not redirected to a download link. I have made payment but am unable to download the book. How can I get your book?

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Hi Robert, I saw your order and this situation as it came in and immediately emailed you the PDF file as an email attachment. I trust you received your book the day you ordered it. For those following, the way it works is that you pay and are taken to a registration page. At the registration page, you put in your First Name, Last Name, you choose a username, you enter your email twice (I think), and you choose a password. When you submit that registration, you go to a download page, and from there you can download the eBook. You are not the first person who has had issues with the process, so it looks like I will need to change it very soon. However, for now, that is how it works. 🙂

  2. Max

    I think that is really pathetic promote a website like a comunity for people who suffer an illness that at this time is incurable only for sell a book. And, not only that, you are scaming people. If I am worng abaout that why the American Tinnitus Association don`t recognize your work as a posible treatment?
    You are really an asshole.

  3. Michael G.

    Hello Mad Max, I think your comments are way out of line.

    Julian and Dainis have put in countless hours of effort to create this website for the tinnitus community. They are not charging nearly enough to make a financial gain from it.

    If you watch just one of their videos you will see that they truly just want to help their fellow sufferers, and I for one am very grateful. So far I have spent 1 cent to join get online access to the book. If I get just one tip out of it that causes my T to diminish slightly, or my anxiety over it to lessen, then I am happy to have gotten it. These guys are doing us all a great service and are by no means trying to take advantage of anyone’s suffering to make money.

    You can’t just look up a universal instant cure on the internet. There isn’t one. But at least you can come to this site, give and get some suggestions as well as a sympathetic shoulder, to help you get through this very challenging affliction.

    I am glad to be a member.

  4. Meta_4

    For those, like Max, who doubt: Tinnitus onset is a truly frightening thing; traditional physicians told me NOTHING that helped me COPE with it other than “there is no cure”. On this website, with Julian and Dainis, I found a way to “cope”. So while you might be angry about your own unrelenting tinnitus, there are those of us out there who HAVE found solace, suggestions, and RELIEF by truly listening to what Julian and Dainis have to say. I understand the skeptic in you; but I also understand that allowing yourself to relax and HEAR what Julian is saying truly can help someone COPE with this condition. This is one website that is NOT trying to scam people or doing it for profit motive. When I was most upset about my tinnitus, it was where I turned for comfort. You can’t put a price on that.

    1. Brad McBride

      I have had tinnitus in both ears for 25 years or so. I made the decision to give away tinnitus masking MP3’s at the inception of our site as I would have loved it if someone had done that for me in the early days of the Internet.

  5. Robin

    Dear Max, your comments are those from someone suffering from one of the classic symtoms of tinnitus. Paranoia.
    As to this guy running the site; you should thank God there are people who actually push throught the usual ‘incurable’ tennets and move to the cause of the problem. Namely us. As individuals it’s our problem. But people like yourself scream because you’ll have to take responsibilty for the problem and not-in the usual western manner have someone else take over.
    I believe at least, you ought to look and try what this guy is doing and look at a number of the testimonials here, then you’ll be in better position to comment. But abuse is inexcuseable.
    And by the way; who are the Tinnitus Assoc. of America? More than likely a lot of over-educated, over-indulged intellectuals full of book-learning and haven’t got the sense God gave a goose.
    Try it Max; you’ve only got your paranoia to lose.

  6. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

    When you buy, I’ll email you the eBook. I had the download page working well, but it’s now temporarily retired. we had a severe hack attack a few months back, and for now, i just email people the ebook directly. by mid 2011 we’ll have gone through another round of upgrades, updates, enhanced security, etc., and download functionality will be a part of that process.

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