Tinnitus Forum Tyrants

Tinnitus Forum Tyrants who discount, discredit, and abuse while firmly holding onto the false belief that there is ‘nothing you can do’ about tinnitus or that ‘you just have to learn to live with it,’ or who offer compassion solely based on the underlying assumption that tinnitus is incurable, such individuals do untold damage to our world, they even hold some personal accountability for unnecessary suicides as those stricken with tinnitus go through the process of panic and anxiety (often associated with Early Onset Cases or Recently Acquired Tinnitus).

Whether it is ego, pain, trauma, psychosis, or some other underlying reason, these “Tinnitus Forum Tyrants” manipulate forum visitors into a state of helplessness and victimization. They ignore facts, reason, as well as the science behind “getting better.” Instead of helping people cope with where they are now and helping them take steps towards well being, these tyrants function as toxic magnets of hopelessness, spreading a disease of dismay to all exposed to them. Is it that misery loves company? Why are they even there, and what can be done?”

What can be done about Tinnitus Forum Tyrants who spread dismay and misery and hopelessness?

If you encounter a Tinnitus Forum Tyrant, please feel free to post here. Some Tinnitus Forum Tyrants function as kind and compassionate…SOMETIMES…but if you happen to write something that gets their goat…WATCH OUT!

Would it make sense to expose the posts of Tinnitus Forum Tyrants here or would that just cause a lot of negativity and attack here at CureTinnitus.org?

7 thoughts on “Tinnitus Forum Tyrants

  1. Meta_4

    Dainis: stop responding to the people on that website and forgive them their sins. They have absolutely NO idea what goes on here in this community with Julian’s counseling and your guidance. They are angry, disillusioned, upset people who are attacking this community without knowing anything about the help you both have given to people. We all habituate on our own (hopefully) but two things: 1. I think being part of this community helped that habituation process; and 2. the anxiety and fear associated with tinnitus can be truly eliminated by following Julian’s program and the shows. Please don’t post that website’s negative comments here at all. It was very upsetting to read and I would not want this community to be subjected to it. Let it go. And I would stop visiting and replying to anyone there. It’s crazy to do so. You can’t convince them with rationality. Just let them go their own angry way. We are the ones who are feeling better and therefore, SO much less angry at the world. So my answer is no, do not post the tyrants’ messages. Thanks.

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Thanks for your comment. I have a bit of an “urge to expose,” where maybe I’d list the tags of some of the meanest tyrants I’ve come across…just to create some form of accountability for them…however, it is likely best to just leave them alone.

      …it’s the desperate souls who may fall prey to such tyrants that I really feel for.

    2. Denise Chapman

      I agree… I don’t want to ready anymore negative stuff about Tinnitus.. I too felt it would be easier to jump off a bridge and when you are in a high state of anxiety and someone tells you it will never stop… you destroy all hope… and the tinnitus gets louder.

      1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

        it’s just so awful, honestly. people who take on that role…in the end, we learn how to accept them as well…yet the saddest truth is that people have literally died, they’ve literally taken their own lives…based on the irresponsible, untested, and false statements made by such tyrants and mis-informed practitioners.

    3. Denise Chapman

      That’s how I felt when I left the Dr’s office recently.. I don’t know why I even bother going in there… totally discouraging… but not anymore! I feel empowered, too. I will turn my tinnitus off.

  2. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

    Just got this via email, what a wonderful response:

    “Appoint one or more forum moderators, establish criteria for expulsion, publish the criteria, moderate messages, issue one warning, then expel flamers & such.”

    So, I’ve been mulling over the criteria and am working on a draft already…

    I’m so very very glad that we don’t have tinnitus forum tyrants here, this is such a healthy, settled and pleasing “space” for folks healing from tinnitus. Thanks to all of you for your healthy energy, for your commitment to healing, and for your loving and continued support.

    As tinnitus melts away, or starts “coming and going” for members, reading your responses, situations, questions, and stories…it’s just a real honor to be here…thanks!

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