Tinnitus at The Office Rescue Video (works for any public space)

You’re in a public space, maybe at the office. People are looking at you. People can see you even if they are not looking at you. Your tinnitus is spiking. It’s hard to concentrate, and you try to smile or hide or…something…

This video can come to the rescue. You can use it right now. You can play it at the office and listen on your headphones. You can learn the techniques and use them.

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We put me in a public place where people could see me and went through the process of what to do if I had a tinnitus spike. Jen B walked me through the process of “getting my power back and turning the volume down,” which is one of her specialties.

Thanks Jen for spending the time with us at CureTinnitus.org and hope you enjoy the vid!

8 thoughts on “Tinnitus at The Office Rescue Video (works for any public space)

  1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

    huh, i just watched this again and yeah, i can see how i was creepy. i was trying to place myself in a scenario where everyone could see me, i had a meeting coming up, and the tinnitus was flaring.

    jen really was quite helpful. 🙂

    1. Profile photo of curetinnituscuretinnitus

      you are right tom, odd that that would be happening. i checked and the video is no longer on the server, even though it was before. the .MOV file is available for download, you can rt-click and save the file to view the video, and i will repair the streaming video within 24hrs.

      wishing you the very best,

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