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Here’s to tamin’ the Mighty Tinnitey…TOGETHER!


Dainis W. Michel


  1. Leon Joubert

    Trust that you are well.

    I must admit I am always excited when I see mail form Curetinnitus and Dainis just to see your positive attitude about tinnitus makes me feel better already. The one thing I realized and is helping me to cope or I believe to even get better is the fact that tinnitus is forcing me took at my life and realizing what I can change to not take things so seriously and just enjoy it a whole lot more.
    Just a quick question. What is Dr. Hans Greuel treatment all about?

  2. dainis Post author

    Thanks Leon,

    Wonderful to hear from you! The Dr. Greuel treatment is essentially a Pavlovian de-training for humans. Julian Cowan Hill takes a body, psychology, and “personal environment” based approach. We are layering together successful people and healing modalities here at, and our program is led by Julian.

    1. dainis Post author

      OK Christine, I got in touch with you via email. Feel free to get to know us and surf the site. If you feel ready for online, personalized coaching, you can try us out. 🙂

    1. dainis Post author

      Wonderful…we’ve done everything in our power to make your relationship with us healing, pleasing, risk-free and comfortable. Joining can put you solidly on the path of liberation from tinnitus, regardless of your current state.

  3. Warren Davidson

    I was not able to register. The confirmation email is no longer in my inbox and so I cannot finish.


  4. Craig Tracy

    I seriousl hope you can help. I can not remember a time when I could enjoy absolute peace and quite.

  5. Anil

    I am having this problem since 15 years, tried many medicines and acupuncher also but no progress, still hoping for its cure.

  6. syed pasha

    iam facing this problem due to a hole in my eardrum. 10 years back i had a surgery also. now iam scared of it please any body sugest me a better remedy.

  7. akshaya

    I am tinnitus problem since 4 years, My right ear 100% loss & left ear 95% loss early childhood. kindly reply me free treatment & suggestion of tinnitus problem.


    My problem is certainly what is described.
    Your help is required and refreshingly received.

  9. mary morrison

    I am so thankful as well. I just received Kevin Hogan’s books as well and this is something I have been dealing with over three years. I began my search for silence in my head the evening I received your book. I know I am onto the right path finally! You are truly onto something this speaks to me directly stress flight fright etc… One thing, I did get T w/hyperacusis after an auto accident in 2007 where all the airbags deployed and I literally heard a horn blowing out of my head and like a hose deflating and then raw ears right after the accident then the horns went off and I mean it a blown horn rang in my head. I have been suffering ever since. I am on neuromonics it only gives me peace listening to the soothing music while attempting to sleep! The neuromonics is too expensive, it did help tremendously to make me less phobic with noises. Wondering if anyone else has heard of auto accident airbag deployment causing the light bulb to go on and T as a result with hyperacusis etc.. I never knew why I was hearing this awful loud noise in my head until several months later when i looked up buzzing in my ears. I cant wait to be healed. I feel that with turning down the volume I will survive this trying situation! I will not give in…

    1. dainis Post author

      @Mary…wow…wonderful contribution. It’s great to know you are connecting the dots, educating yourself, and so very positive about not giving in! Wonderful to hear from you. Let us know how our program contributes to your healing…we’re here for you!

    1. dainis Post author

      Hi Darren, I’m approving your comment and would be happy if you could share your reasons for your impressions. Have you watched any of our Cure Tinnitus Shows or seen any of our expert interviews? Have you spent any time with our material? As a bit of a challenge to you: what are the four main guidelines of the program?

  10. danny

    I’m going on one year with tinnitus i belive i got it through stress the week my wife lost our babies (twins).I went through depression and did not eat and felt emotionly disconnected.If there is a honest cure let me know.GOD BLESS.

    1. dainis Post author

      Dear Danny, you are exactly right, that kind of emotional stress can bring tinnitus on. This community is for people who wish to heal themselves by learning from those who’ve already done it successfully. The legal issues surrounding the word “cure” are, well, incredibly binding, very specific. If you are looking for “a cure,” meaning you want me to give you a “pill” or “a quick fix,” something that acts like a “tinnalytic,” then frankly, there is no cure. However, if you are willing to engage in a process of first coping, then figuring out what reduces your tinnitus, and creating a personal therapy plan using the helpful guidelines, expert interviews, and resources available at, then that’s not only a great decision…but it puts you on the path to well being.

      A lot of people with tinnitus get very locked and reactive, and frankly, angry to the point of insanity, when confronted with a real honest look at the word “cure.” Essentially, your life got to where you are. My life got me to howling horrible tinnitus to the point where I almost took my own life (and would have found it reasonable). Some of the expert interviews we have at feature the very same story…and a good number of our members went through an incredibly dark time with tinnitus.

      But the thing is: how did they get there? How did I get there?

      Expecting a “cure” or a “pill” or a “quick fix” is really inappropriate in that situation.

      Our members apply 4 main guidelines to their lives: 1) appropriate physical therapy 2) appropriate mental spiritual emotional counseling therapy or psychotherapy 3) appropriate and relaxing personal change 4) building a network of support around you.

      Those guidelines can only help, and over the upcoming years, I’ll be doing more “numbers-based” research on a person’s subjective personal “report” on how thoroughly they’ve applied all 4 guidelines in their lives and how thoroughly they’ve moved into well being and thereby “out” from tinnitus.

      So, there is A LOT you can do, and it begins with knowledge and personal examination. is a safe enclave for people who choose a path of healing themselves.

  11. Jon Adkins

    That was pretty interesting. I stumbled on this blog when I was doing some research on google. I wanted to tell you I enjoyed this blog and keep up on doing what you’re doin. Remember, enjoy the journey.. dont over-focus on the destination. Have fun, Jon