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Jackie’s a guided support member who’s made loads of progress and at the time of this posting, finds herself in the throes of overwhelm and tinnitus, from time to time. Yes, that can and does change, and in this thread, we discuss ways in which she can optimize her healing plan.

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  1. Jackie

    Hi, I’m just seeing if this will work. I really Found the last site difficult to navigate – sometimes hard to find the videos – just a matter of clarity really. I also didn’t like the layout…. Hmmm…. Sorry, will hone my comments….and post when I have something really constructive to say about that…:))) I really love what you’re doing though. Would love a clear concise video discussing the actual possibility of reducing tinnitus. My general well being is improving, which helps me cope with tinniitus, but then i have huge spikes and sleepless episodes and sometimes the tinnitus goes a bit bonkers as a result… Maybe then a discussion regarding maintaining wellbeing…Maybe a link into super foods and some info regarding helpful meditation techniques or qi gong exercises. Also, do you have a vid discussing medications? Or is this something you avoid debating? I know it can be controversial. The issue of a chat area I think is tricky- I was involved with the RNID T forum for a while and it was horribly desperate. Maybe 2 separate forums? one for folk needing answers to painful questions, and one for folk focused on wellbeing. I personally find the desperate stories really upsetting at the moment. My problem I know, but one of cure Ts best features is it’s grounded positive focus. Anyway, hope this is a bit useful.xx

  2. Jackie

    Hi,I found your bit but couldn’t respond there. Ok – clarity…. I think from the very first page this is essential… I did find previous site confusing…For example, there has been an old letter there for ages on the home page…

    What I would personally find more helpful would be to see the 4 point plan, clear and concise and what it all means. For example, Julians book is excellent -get well being, get support… But everyone, going through their own healing at their own pace, will come across problems and questions… Eg…. But im doing all this and yes, im starting to feel better, but i still have massive spikes… My life is still compromised by tinnitus…. What is this book /site saying? Will my tinnitus go if i have therapy?

    Yes, and i know thats the point of the videos and cure tin in general… But sometimes, personally, i get confused
    with where im at / if anythings helping the actual tinnitus and i want to know from people who have been through it and survived, if its normal, if im missing something…. For example, at the moment I am discovering more and more about my path to well being, engaged in the 4point plan, feeling positive, yet out of the blue (seemingly-I’m sure it’s not really!), huge spike. Massive.

    so I suppose this is the kind of Thing that becomes a question for debate in a video… So the clarity? Here is the 4point plan…. Here is our troubleshooting forum/troubleshooting video search / debate forum etc.etc. A bit like on the best day ever where you can post a question and other members answer, and there is like a buddy system, so long term, established members with experience of using the program can offer advice to new comers. Members could even have a status, perhaps in line with where they mostly feel like they are on the 7 steps…Hmm… though perhaps best not applied to me 🙂

    My main concern about the site basically is clarity in what you are offering/ recommending/ all the videos being obvious – with titles/ being able to search the videos for answers to my questions (eg. Dr gruel/reducing tinntius etc), also clarity about possibility /actuality of reducing tinnitus… A troubleshooting debate forum could be very useful for this… Eg…. I thought I was doing well then this massive spike just appeared and knocked me off my feet…. Has anyone survived similar stuff? Or another example… What’s dr gruels secret meditation (go on, pleeeease tell me!;))

    Anyway, I’m rattling on now. Love to you xx

    I would al

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      ok, this page will consolidate site activity: and i agree with you on well actually all of your points so next steps are planning and implementation.

      regarding your spike, at some point, they will actually be an indicator for how well you’ve been doing. what i mean is: the fact that you are having spikes means you are having lulls. when you have a spike and have a “procedure,” in a sense, then you are no longer powerless. you have choices, power, ability, etc. there are ways to settle and you apply the ones that work for you best. then you are in a lull again.

      then your spikes no longer send you into overwhelm.

      one thing i lean towards is “the magic of paper.” what i mean by that is using writing to map out your healing process and plan. can be used for budgeting, analysis, etc.

      if i try to mimic a tinnitus liberation scrapbooking tool online…honestly, i think i’d be in development till the year 3000!

      i’d like people to be able to deeply personalize their experiences, their path, and what works for them.

      i am thinking of a “tracking tool,” and i have an “exit” also planned. basically, many people reach a point where tinnitus is “no longer an issue for them,” even if they have some left. they don’t want to check anymore, they know what to do if it spikes, and their lives are improved.

      such people are not really “in crisis,” and i feel that members could “graduate” into a site focused purely on well being. for me, i’d enjoy doing interviews on well being. i am a big fan of, and i recommend the site to well…just about anyone open to improving their health.

      one thing though, about expecting dynamic interactivity is, well, thebestdayever has over a thousand members i think. the maximum active members we’ve had has been around 42-45. i’ve read that online forums “die” if there are not at least 500 members, and while this might change, right now, i am not willing to host another public/free tinnitus forum. that was such an incredibly draining and awful experience for me, it goes beyond words.

      regarding searchability, i would absolutely LOVE to run voice recognition software over all of the CTO videos so that the whole site could be text searchable. that would be AMAZING! we get a lot of repeat questions, and tinnitus appears to be quite patterned, and frankly, with a text search that revealed text strings at, i dunno, 33:28 of Cure Tinnitus Show #8, and 15:42 of Cure Tinnitus Show #25, wouldn’t that be incredible?

      i certainly think that’d be cool cool cool.

      it took a while for me to condense our program to the 4 Guidelines. the more condensed the “top level” info, the better (in my opinion).

      The following may be possible:
      so, in the beginning, people often monitor, especially when having spikes.
      let’s see, so they come in and fill out a little numeric survey that keeps track of how they’re doing.
      even that little step will feed a bit of an “i did something” need, and then the user can either be prompted to learn something or take action or review the 4 Guidelines or the Well being matrix (eh, not sure how “dependent” the user should be on the site).

      …the whole goal is “design your own plan using the guidelines and resources.” search for and find what you need, ask if you don’t find it and need extra support. keep cultivating well being in your life and get better and better.

      …to reply on Dr. Greuel’s method, here’s more info:

      it’s a 10-day course and you need to go to Germany to take it. yes, it’s very powerful and helpful, and if budgets were unlimited i’d say “everyone go and get your basics down with biomental training,” however, you simply do not need to follow “my exact” path to well being. there are other good ways to gain control of your relaxation and even the circulation to your ears. people have good results with and without changing diet. people have good results with and without learning biomental training.

      and frankly, some people come out of biomental training angry and accusing dr. greuel of being a charlatan. i DO NOT feel he is one. AT ALL. i feel he is a skilled doctor and “psychosomatician.” we did the entire program in German, and well, he is a very powerful guy.

      however, quite honestly, if my entire budget were taken up by going to germany, i would recommend staying home and spending it over time month by month. if you can swing it and still maintain the 4 Guidelines when you get home, by all means, head over to dr. greuel and relax on his warm waterbeds while inhaling oxygen and getting “pavlovian response trained” for relaxation and optimal blood circulation and oxygenation of the ears. 🙂

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