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August 2009 Special: Free Access to the CureTinnitus.org Community for Military Veterans and War Trauma Tinnitus Cases ($500 Value)

For the duration of August 2009, Veterans and War Trauma Tinnitus Cases will receive free admission to the CureTinnitus.org Member Community.

If you know any Vets or people who have tinnitus due to war trauma, please send them the information on this special offer.

Just fill out the following form and your request will be processed:

Email address:
Your Tinnitus Story:

If we get flooded with requests, we may have to limit the number of applications accepted.

Best wishes,
Dainis W. Michel
Founder CureTinnitus.org

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Only have 3 minutes to learn about curing tinnitus?

If you only have 3 minutes to learn about curing tinnitus, then place your name and email address in the form at the top right (under “subscribe and start liberating yourself of tinnitus now“), and watch the video below.

The video is about the curability or incurability of tinnitus. Kevin Hogan, Paul Tobey, Dr. Hans Greuel, Dainis W. Michel, and Julian Cowan Hill comment on the “curability debate” in this 2:22 video. Is it a really a debate if that many people are walking around who report having healed themselves?



Dear YouTube:
I cannot imagine that YouTube is against wholesome, scientifically grounded, honest, helpful and well-designed information. Quite likely the ban of my “is tinnitus curable?” video was just a mistake, with complaints initiated by angry, jealous, predatory, or lost personalities. Click HERE And Participate

Here is the original video link, which will not play unless YouTube/Google repeal their removal of this scientifically sound, loving, caring, and life-saving information created by experts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2uLI4HrzCo


Make your comments at one or all the following websites: YouTube, FaceBook, CureTinnitus.org, Google.







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