Dainis, a question towards super foods. In one of your previous videos, you mentioned how super foods gave you energy and made you feel great! By doing this, was your tinnitus lowered or less noticable? Are there special ingredients/recipes you used? Has anyone else tried specific foods made them feel better or lowered their tinnitus?

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    There is a raw foods breakfast recipe from Peter Ragnar, I’d have to dig it up. It includes sprouted oat groats, warm water, some dates, some yeast flakes, some sprouted flax seeds I think, some sprouted hemp seeds, and maybe a few other things. The first time I had it, I ate at like 7:30 AM and wasn’t hungry until 2PM…it was weird…but great at the same time.

    I’d put this in the “general health” pillar for healing from tinnitus.

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    Yes, and the thing is that there are things I do for “general health” that improve my well being, that I don’t really see as “helping my tinnitus.” Basically, my tinnitus is so low it’s a non issue in my life. So, I don’t do things because of tinnitus anymore. I do things because of how they make me feel. And I’ve been working with David Wolfe’s concepts for over 2 years now. I’m not a big fan of high priced supplements, but I sure like drinking spring water from the source and eating wild dandelions!

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