If you only have 3 minutes to learn about curing tinnitus…

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I want relief from my tinnitus NOW!

Make A Comment For YouTube And Google To Repeal Their Removal Of This Critical, Healing, Scientifically Sound, Loving, Kind, Honest, and Life-Saving Information HERE.
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Dear YouTube:
I cannot imagine that YouTube is against wholesome, scientifically grounded, honest, helpful and well-designed information. Quite likely the ban of my “is tinnitus curable?” video was just a mistake, with complaints initiated by angry, jealous, predatory, or lost personalities. Click HERE And Participate

Here is the original video link, which will not play unless YouTube/Google repeal their removal of this scientifically sound, loving, caring, and life-saving information created by experts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...2uLI4HrzCo


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I want relief from my tinnitus NOW!

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5 thoughts on “If you only have 3 minutes to learn about curing tinnitus…

    1. Profile photo of curetinnituscuretinnitus

      i recommend you stop getting angry with your children. it serves no purpose. they are children and when they behave like children — it’s because they ARE children.

      getting angry with your children will only create resentment and trauma. it is not a pleasant cycle — so i suggest you stop it immediately.

      my best recommendation is to apply our 5 CureTinnitus.org Program Guidelines in your life immediately.

      on your own or with support & help (from our community or your therapists & doctors) – our guidelines can help you stay on track and cope with, manage, and relieve tinnitus — of course with the intention of complete healing.

      some refuse to “believe” in the potential of eliminating tinnitus — they can be adamant, angry and influential — but i find it better to start employing practices in your life that will reduce the tinnitus itself and see how you feel.

      for me, when i began to directly reduce the T volume is when i began to have hope for my future.

      doing healthy things feels great. well being is the opposite of tinnitus.

      some call that “psychobabble,” i call it: completely logical & practical information.

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