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  1. Wendy Pierson

    I don’t seem to find the most important info needed–where do you tell how much it costs?

  2. Greg Costeens

    I have had tinnitus for decades but it recently worsened after visiting a rifle range during which I wore earplugs but not earmuffs. A subsequent test indicated my hearing had significantly diminished, and my doctor advised that tinnitus was the result of the hearing loss. He drew an analogy of tinnitus being much like the phantom limb sensation an amputee feels, whose body is telling him the severed limb is still there.

    He recommended playing classical music through earphones during the day to drown out the quiet and recondition the mind to sound, alleviating the tinnitus. He also put me on Xanax anti-depressant drug to get to sleep. I have no idea whether the music will work to provide a cure. The Xanax just provides the fatigue necessary to induce sleep; the tinnitus is there.