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Here is your assignment for Module 1:

Download and read Julian Cowan Hill’s eBook “From Tyrant to Friend: How to let go of Ringing in Your Ears”

Regarding tinnitus, there’s habituation, reduction, and elimination.

Begin formulating a personal plan that makes reducing your tinnitus inevitable. Assess your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Are there any other levels that you participate in? How about relationships, finances, career, self-satisfaction, etc.?

Make sure you build a positive, supportive network of friends and practitioners that will help you get out of fight or flight. Create and learn strategies to deal with the negative people, circumstances, thoughts, etc. in your life. Get help.

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Remember, we are here to help and we wish you the very best on your road to liberation from tinnitus.


Dainis, Julian, and the whole Team!


  1. frankie mangan

    I have just read from tyrant to friend and I am truly amazed. For the first time ever I genuinely feel I am at last on the right track to solving this problem. The “eureka” moment that led to this was when Dainis posted the tinitus personality type I saw so much of myself in there that I nearly cried as it is the first time I felt somebody knew what I was going through.
    My problem at the moment is that I am so beaten and exhausted with this fight that I am going to have to drasticly alter my life in order to acieve release from this torment.
    Therein lies my problem. I have decided that I am going to take a bank loan to enable me to access the professional services I need (as for the other recomendations I am lucky to have these facilitys available). I want to make sure that I get the professionals right as I am only going to have one shot at this because at the moment we are not in good shape financially but as Julian so rightly pointed out “dont say you cant afford it if you are going on holiday to florida”. I live in Ireland (Dublin) and if anyone has any suggestions for me I would be extremy grateful. Dainis thank you so much for all you are doing it is really appreciated. Frankie.

  2. dainis Post author

    Dear Frankie, your post truly warms my heart. In about 90 minutes, I will be conducting an interview with Dr. Hans Greuel, the author of the material I translated and posted. As you develop your personal healing plan, considerations such as budget and practitioners will play a role. It feels good to get on the right track, even if tinnitus persists, as mine currently still does. I know deeply that the right actions have a direct impact on the tinnitus itself, and instead of feeling I am blaming myself, I feel I am coming to a sense of personal responsibility and power. As we move along, we will likely begin to formulate a vocabulary like “pillars of health,” or “spheres,” and as readers of this living electronic “book,” members will apply the spheres where they choose to focus their healing attempts. What I mean is that you may also include financial healing into your health plan, as I have, though you may choose to “buy time” with a bank loan, and use the money for specific, chosen healing services. We will discuss the palette of options on the next Cure Tinnitus Show, and it is wonderful that you feel facilitated and helped. Thank you very much for your comment. With the site being at its very beginnings, your words truly strengthen us.

  3. Kan Ying

    I am in Sydney. Any suggestion for a practioner(craniosacral therapy and psychotherapy) who is familiar with tinnitus and its treatment? Thanks.

    1. dainis Post author

      Glad to hear from you, Kan, this is not a direct response to your question, but it’s related and can help you move forward: My general take on it is that Julian is recommending that we find people to work with that we find truly comforting, that are settled and centered themselves, and that their level of experience with tinnitus itself is secondary to their level of peacefulness and confidence that they can help you come out of overwhelm and fight of flight. So, healing “overwhelm” and “fight or flight” become the object of our “attention,” which then transitions to “focusing on well-being.” I will bring up your question to the next Cure Tinnitus Show to supplement my layperson’s response.