Special Interview with Paul Tobey

Presenting a powerful philosophical approach. This video is not for the weak-kneed, and there are a few foul words here and there. Paul is a tinnitus survivor who considers himself completely healed and is deeply grateful for having had tinnitus.

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4 thoughts on “Special Interview with Paul Tobey

  1. Lauren

    Hey Dainis,

    Have you tried Paul’s course? It sounds a lot like Julian’s concept of being true to the inner person. I would like to try his course, he sounds right up the alley of this org. If it works I think you should try it. Anything that WORKS is inestimatable. Even Julian said, when you asked him about my busy life I couldn’t change, he well,…. that’s really what needs healing. I needed to change! Same as Paul seems to be saying. Being TRUE to the inner man. Awesome teacher Tinnitus becomes.


  2. Lauren

    Hey again,

    Before I even finished listening to the interview I ordered his course. I think he is right on. I also know that by spending the money to join your website, I look at your website because I paid for it. Now I found Tobey and think this is fabulous. I love his money back guarentee! All’s good here. I go to Kuwait on Thursday and on my vacation I have really moved forward. Thanks for all the help, I have found myself more interested in wellbeing than worrying about my tinnitus. No kidding, even this first month I am feeling so much more ‘rested’ and self-loving.


  3. Lauren

    ok, update.

    I did order his ‘course’ but found it almost a repeat of your interview with him. It was interesting, engaging to a degree, but very repetitive. I actually returned it. Not that it was unhelpful, but your prompts and questions brought out his whole premise. I usually don’t return programs that help me in some way, but it felt very unsubstantial and mostly personal about his journey.

    I am enjoying this program, Julian, and the idea of a group of people working together for the same results. I have mentioned in another comment that I am finding the more I take care of myself and feel open to changing and supporting myself, the more the ringing takes on a less hysterical tone. (Only tinnitus sufferers will know what that means!) And the more $$$ I have spent on my healing modalities. I have chosen a master herbalist to start since Ihave candida and she treats emotional issues with vibrational remedies as well. I certainly have those too. I have used some before and find them powerful, but they often take time. I am giving myself this year to come out of old patterns that no longer serve me.

    Yea Team!!

    Oh well, going to Kuwait tomorrow, talk again soon!
    Thanks again Dainis, you’re doing a great job.

  4. s.

    Interesting and vibrant video.
    I have to mention that for many folks, the wise use of antidepressants, etc . . . can help many through the darkest of days. Meds are just a tool and a helpful one for many. Deep healing is not a pharmacuetical process and requires information, support, willingness, and faith.

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