Review of Geoff Barker’s 11 Proven Techniques to Stop Tinnitus

I bought Geoff Barker’s 11 Proven Techniques to Stop Tinnitus a few days ago and here’s what I think of it. If you aren’t familiar with the book, you can check it out here:

Geoff Barker’s Cure for Tinnitus eBook

I read it quickly, as it is not very long. Here’s my impression.

  1. I like the tone in that Geoff’s perpective is that we do not need to live with our tinnitus
  2. It’s a clear, quick read
  3. I knew a lot of the information already, however I was not aware of some of the herbal supplements he suggests
  4. Contains good old-fashioned common sense
  5. Gives hope
  6. Worth it, but not a real “be-all end-all” solution

Basically, if you buy the book, don’t think that you’ll really have everything you need and you won’t need to “do” any more. The book will prompt you to take particular action, and it is important that you pursue actions that feel and are “right” for you.

3 thoughts on “Review of Geoff Barker’s 11 Proven Techniques to Stop Tinnitus

  1. admin

    i’ve been thinking about this book a bit more. i would understand, if someone were disappointed after buying it. still, if you’re looking for some insight, or for an emotional boost, the book is there for you. i’m starting to take the perspective that healthy people invest in themselves, and $37 or even $3,700.00 is not a lot to spend for oneself. while human value and money are not correlated, sometimes people who are sick, me included, we don’t “value” ourselves enough to spend on ourselves. how much of your budget is really for you? that’s a good question!

  2. mail1636

    The website indicated 100 % satsfaction Guarantee.Yet there is not a say on how long it is good for or how to process a refund. I understand that $37 is not much compare to a cost going to an EENT doctor. However, if $37 is spend on a bad buying experience where one would feel taken, then $37 wll be more hundreds or even thousands of feeling bad to onself.

  3. admin

    i totally understand. the book ain’t all that, and i can’t vouch for the money-back guarantee…ha…although i did accidentally purchase the book twice and didn’t ask for my money back…so i guess i could try it and report back.

    i guess i used to be pretty rigorous about believing that health is a “right” and should be “free.” it’s funny how much i spent at that time on my health and how broke i got. once broke, i found a lot of free things that helped my health considerably. now, much less broke, i’m doing both free and “for fee” based things.

    so what i’m saying is that the book really isn’t that great. but it is positively written. it’s written from a positive, helpful, no-nonsense perspective, which is refreshing and necessary for a lot of people.

    in the end, each one of us is responsible for our health. book or no book. also, in the end, somewhere inside, my personal opinion is, that a deep instinctive urge is guiding you to optimal health. the question is whether you are willing to follow that urge.

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