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dainis w michel

after a severe onset incident, dainis w michel chose to ignore statements that tinnitus was incurable and find people who had already gotten better. he interviewed tinnitus treatment experts, tried multiple therapies, traveled the world, and started blogging about his path toward healing. as a composer and documentation and training expert, he then distilled the recommendations of multiple experts down to 5 simple, effective guidelines.

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Would you like to be a featured student at CureTinnitus.org? You could help others by letting them know about your own experience with tinnitus.

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If you are a tinnitus specialist, you can offer pay-by-the-minute online sessions here. Our global audience of many thousands of visitors per month will be able to review your profile, download your materials, and schedule high-quality video sessions with you. Our team is working diligently on providing best-in-class virtual audio visual technology for the most effective online therapeutic experience possible.

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(Note:This course is currently closed for revision) What starts as tinnitus, through appropriate medical and therapeutic care, with diligence and kindness towards self, can end in liberation from tinnitus. As dark as things may be for you right now, know that others have gone before you and survived. This content is only available to members.

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(Note:This course is currently closed)  Introduction It is my heartfelt wish that you learn how to let go of your tinnitus and feel much happier as a result. Although I cannot guarantee how long it will take or how much you will improve, if you follow these guidelines I have no doubt you will notice […]

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To view the contents of the course, you must agree to take full responsibility for your own health and well being and register for one of our member levels.

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We recommend you take this complimentary eCourse, if you have recently acquired tinnitus and are interested in learning what steps to take to increase your chances of healing from tinnitus as quickly as possible.

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site content stolen, maligned…

so, i am now finding out that my visage has been used to promote other people’s products — for the last 5-6 years. at least hundreds of thousands of youtube views, and possibly thousands of products sold.

basically, i am here saying: if you come down with tinnitus, it really is time to take care of yourself properly. and i am recommending learning from people who have been successful at managing, reducing, or eliminating their tinnitus. which i am going to say is a reasonable strategy.

before this archive disappears, here’s a screenshot of a (more…)

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All of the Cure Tinnitus Show Videos are Working…again… 🙂

well wow…that was pretty grueling. but every single show video works again: http://www.curetinnitus.org/ca...tus-shows/

we also have a FaceBook group https://www.facebook.com/group...677044476/

this was a memorable show: http://www.curetinnitus.org/cu...us-show-5/

…to watch the show, just log in with FaceBook, or login using your old profile.


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All of these Cure Tinnitus Shows Work Again…

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CureTinnitus.org Rejuvenation (Newsletter #03)

Dear CureTinnitus.org Family,

…i’ve updated the links and video serving tech setup for Cure Tinnitus Shows 17-28 now. A few old members have reached out to say thnx for our work, which feels wonderful 🙂

if you’re a previous member, feel free to comment and let us know how you’re doing!

the rest of the site will come online over the course of the next few days/weeks.

…we’re close 🙂


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CureTinnitus.org Rejuvenation (Newsletter #02)

Hi there!

After an unfortunate interruption, I am getting CureTinnitus.org back on its feet. If you log in now, you’ll see that:

Cure Tinnitus Show 28
Cure Tinnitus Show 27
Cure Tinnitus Show 26

all work!


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Adz.World Powered CureTinnitus.org Rejuvenation (Newsletter Email)

It’s rickety, it’s bumpy, but it’s…
From CureTinnitus.org (org@curetinnitus.org)

After a billion and a half years (I’ll tell you why some other time), a completely imperfect, pretty much almost functional version of CureTinnitus.org is available online — and guess what?

After years of prayer and meditation, I figured out what to do about payment! People can either join as adz.world powered members (which requires adz views), or you can become a paying member to have an adz-free experience!

If you are a graduate of our program, and you’d like to be a featured student, or if you’d like to help others get better from tinnitus, please let me know 🙂

If you are a tinnitus therapist and would like to offer a course at CureTinnitus.org — please just get in touch.

If your registration breaks, just click reload or drop me a line via email. Now, even though the current setup is a bit wonky, I really powered-up the site and likely within a week — it will be optimized and rearing to go again.

Feel free to register — or login — and find broken content or videos, and complain as much as you want — I’ll fix the broken stuff and please do your best to find it LOL!

…been putting in massive hours to get things this far, so even though everything isn’t exactly as it should be, feel free to head on over to http://www.curetinnitus.org/re...gister/ and register! Did I mention that FaceBook registration works? It registers you directly for the adz.world powered membership level 🙂

Graduates, Alums, Therapists, etc., just drop me a line if you don’t want to view adz. I have it set for adz to show every 731 seconds.

Also, if you have recommendations for adz we should definitely feature, again, please feel free to drop me a line.

It’s a great relief to have a structure that not only allows (or requires) payment, but that can be accessed in exchange for advertising views without payment. It was extremely challenging for me to think of myself as someone who was “shutting people out,” and that issue basically caused the site to limp for many years.

And with adz.world, the issue is gone!

Looking forward to connecting with all of you again, if your login works, drop me a message within the member area (which is much better now).


dainis w michel

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Adz Overlay Test Loop Post

this is a post that tests adz display functionality

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Here’s How You Can Promote CureTinnitus.org

Here are a few ways you can promote CureTinnitus.org

  1. Make a testimonial about your experience with the CureTinnitus.org Program
  2. Become an affiliate at ClickBank.com and promote our membership programs
  3. Tell family and friends about your experience as a members of the CureTinnitus.org Community
  4. Post in your preferred social media networks about CureTinnitus.org and the help you received
  5. You can even share your complete tinnitus story, however it’s going…
  6. You can interview your doctors or therapists and post the interviews at CureTinnitus.org (we’ll host the audio/video — or link to your interview)
  7. The best way to promote CureTinnitus.org, frankly, is to do the actual work — to follow the 5 CureTinnitus.org Program guidelines in your daily life and relax.

As always, understand that it is OK to have tinnitus at whatever degree of severity it is for you now. Simply take care of yourself properly, and move forward — towards health and well being. While complete remission may seem like it’s a long way away, feeling a bit better, is only a few steps away.

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Crowd Sourcing Video Script (Draft 2)

Hi, I’d like to take a moment to talk with you about the history, present day situation, and the future of CureTinnitus.org.

My name is dainis w michel, and i started CureTinnitus.org when I came down with a severe case of tinnitus, and the only option I felt was appropriate for me, was getting better.

With just over a decade online, I’ve been able to take the website from being a simple personal survival blog to offering: 3 online courses, 12 tinnitus support videos, 5 interviews, 28 Cure Tinnitus Shows, dozens of helpful articles, an easy-to-follow process known as the 5 CureTinnitus.org Program Guidelines, and, we get about 500 unique visitors per day.

To date, 168 people have gone through at least a portion of our course offerings, and thousands have gained benefit from our relentless work and dedication to helping people cope with and hopefully heal from tinnitus.

While that may sound grand, and it is wonderful to receive emails and testimonials from people who go so far as to thank CureTinnitus.org for saving their lives, the reality is that the website serves as a safety net for the most desperate among us. Either via email, Facebook, phone calls or Skype, I get contacted frequently by people who tell me that they are considering committing suicide.

Do you think I can email back a suicidal teenager and ask for a parent’s credit card?

What about the frustrated musicians who feel they may never play music again, who directly mention contemplating ending it all, who’ve spent their entire savings on medical treatments and therapies?

What about the stay-at-home mom whose inlaws behavior is so vile that the way they treat her certainly contributes to her stress and illness?

Even when a tired, overworked, wealthy-sounding businessman calls — I simply don’t know how to ask for money in those situations. Maybe even that wealthy businessman needs and deserves — contact with someone who is willing to listen — and give.

Give care
Give time
Give information and attention

…and not ask for anything in return — at least, i mean, at least — until they are out of crisis. When they are off the bridge, off the cliff, when the gun is out of their mouths, the rope is put away, and when the bottle of pills is safely in the medicine cabinet or even the garbage.

Now I personally can’t field the kind of need that there is out there, but I CAN create an organization that can help.

I can’t do it alone, I can’t do it with my financial and energetic resources alone. But with your help, maybe WE can.

As a quick aside, national tinnitus associations like the British Tinnitus Association, the American and Australian Tinnitus Associations, and others, have done a tremendous job at creating public awareness campaigns and spearheading safety regulations for ear protection & tinnitus prevention.

Where CureTinnitus.org comes in, is after the fact, in helping people cope with the onset of tinnitus and figure out where to go from there.

We need at least 12 stable months with at least $2000 USD per month in donations, to stabilize the organization.

At that funding level, I can make sure CureTinnitus.org consistently answers email, phone, and chat inquiries, and I can organize group calls.

After a stable year, we can look at electing a board, and we can ask ourselves whether it makes sense to become a not-for-profit entity.

If we fail to give CureTinnitus.org the funding it needs, I will likely do two things 1. compile the CureTinnitus.org website into a virtual product and sell it for at least $1000 and 2. make access to me personally, to talk about tinnitus, very very expensive.

Maybe I’ve personally done enough for the community of people who have tinnitus, and maybe it is time to end an era. But I personally feel we owe it to our children, our grandchildren, and future generations to provide them with healthy, accurate, healing, life-saving information about what you can do, if you happen to come down with tinnitus.

I feel it is imperative that the organization become self-sustaining so that the information can continue to be improved and can be made available, indefinitely.

Currently donations are made to me personally, because setting up the organization any other way has shown to be too expensive.

If I get the appropriate funding, and if by the grace of fate, we exceed our funding goals, I can promise you that CureTinnitus.org will be a stellar, helpful, kind, and honest resource for anyone who winds up suffering with tinnitus.

Your donations will be warmly appreciated, you can donate below, it can be a one time or recurring donation, and thank you for your time and attention.

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