Open letter to the American Tinnitus Association about the Cure Tinnitus Community at

Dear Jack A Vernon, PhD, and the American Tinnitus Association,

This may sound unusual, but I’m contacting you and your organization to see if you would be interested in considering participating in an online endeavor in “conscious commerce” relating to supporting people with tinnitus.

The social experience will take place at, and here are the
short details.

1) Support community for people dedicated to curing their own tinnitus
(taking full responsibility for their actions and health)

2) Initial limit of 1,000 members

3) Donation-based commerce

I’ve made the ‚Äěconsicous commerce” business plan available here:

If you are interested in talking further, please let me know!

Dainis W. Michel

2 thoughts on “Open letter to the American Tinnitus Association about the Cure Tinnitus Community at

  1. admin

    The ATA replied with:
    Our mission at ATA states – The American Tinnitus Association exists to
    cure tinnitus through the development of resources that advance tinnitus
    research. Our purpose is to raise money to fund scientists to help find
    a cure. Our minimum contribution to be a member is $35. To go into
    partnership with another organization that would request the “member”
    give $47 could circumvent our stated purpose by diluting our potential
    membership that would help fund our research scientists. Although your
    effort seems to be a worthy cause, I regret to say that we will not be
    able to participate.

    Dr. Gary Reul
    Chief Executive Officer
    American Tinnitus Association

  2. admin

    Our continued email exchange:
    Dear Dr. Reul and the American Tinnitus Association,

    Thank you for taking the time to consider participating at I respectfully accept your response. It’s an honor to receive a response directly from the CEO of the ATA. Thank you!

    Since sending my request to you, I

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