Open letter to Paul Tobey about the Cure Tinnitus Community at

Dear Paul,

This may sound unusual, but I’m contacting you to see if you would be interested in considering participating in an online endeavor in “conscious commerce” relating to supporting people with tinnitus.

I understand that the “open letter” format is quite forward, and I hope that you will accept it as possibly the only way for me to gain the attention of the kinds of experts I wish to attract to this project. I already sent you an email, to which I received no reply, and I can only assume that my first attempt at contacting you just didn’t get through. Fortunately, your public reply will likely help more people than if we keep this between us.

The social experience will take place at, and here are the short details.

1) Support community for people dedicated to curing their own tinnitus
(taking full responsibility for their actions and health)

2) Initial limit of 1,000 members

3) Donation-based commerce

I’ve made the “consicous commerce” business plan available here:

If you are interested in talking further, please let me know!

Dainis W. Michel

4 thoughts on “Open letter to Paul Tobey about the Cure Tinnitus Community at

  1. Paul Tobey

    Hi Dainis,

    Wow! Someone just brought this to my attention. Was this meant for me?
    This came a while ago! 🙂
    Did you want to update me and see if I can be of assistance?

    It looks like you’ve been doing an outstanding job!


    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Dear Paul, I am glad this finally got to you, I thought you knew about it, since I posted the letter long before our interview. You deserve a big huge bucketload of thanks for your work in helping people with tinnitus. Your perspective, kindness, and dedication to a “goal” are well worth experiencing. Our interview in the member area has helped many of our members, and I’m really grateful you’ve commented here. Yes, we’re on Cure Tinnitus Show #14 already, with a healthy number of interviews in between. We’re offering ongoing support and members are experiencing the relief they deserve. It’s kinda silly for folks to think that “just one thing” will “cure” their tinnitus, and basically, that a very “tinnitus-like” thought. We, who’ve experienced tinnitus, who are on any level of healing or getting better, we are a family. The best concept I’ve found is the one of “liberation,” because anyone, regardless of their current state, can simply decide to say “I’m liberating myself of tinnitus,” and almost everyone with tinnitus knows that there are “circumstances” that really do help the tinnitus “let up.” That’s what “well being” is. Our coaching is ongoing, and it’s working. It’s helping people all over the world, and your contribution Paul, is greatly appreciated. I’m happy to be in touch soon about how you can be of assistance…and thank you again for your dedication to our cause and for taking a leadership role. Sincerely, Dainis

    2. Paul Tobey

      Hi Dainis,

      It’s been 2 years already, and I’m wondering how you are doing. Please let me know, or post something new on my blog about anything tinnitus sufferers may need to know. Lots of new research, new promising science. If you have an article of updates you’d like me to post on my blog, I’d be happy to.

      1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

        Wow, 2 years! My how time flies…

        Very good to hear from you Paul, many of our members have benefited from our interview together. Though this page is the “open letter” to you, it may be worthwhile to make clear that not only did you respond to my inquiries…you granted a heartfelt and helpful interview and have been around for communication with me as well. So a big thank you for that Paul, and as much as I can thank you personally, it’s clear that the reduction in suffering from tinnitus worldwide is a shared goal of ours, and therefore, I feel it’s appropriate of me to say that the community of “healing from tinnitus” thanks you. The community of people who make it a personal goal to heal themselves.

        I’ll take some time out over the next few weeks and put something together for your blog.

        Blessings and best wishes, and if you’d like us to post some things here, please let me know.


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