Open letter to Martyn Carruthers of "Tinnitus & Systemic Coaching," about the Cure Tinnitus Community at

Subject: Your Potential Collaboration in a Cure Tinnitus Community as an Experiment in Conscious Commerce
Dear Martyn,

This may sound unusual, but I’m contacting you to see if you would be interested in considering participating in an online endeavor in “conscious commerce” relating to supporting people with tinnitus.

The social experience will take place at, and here are the
short details.

1) Support community for people dedicated to curing their own tinnitus
(taking full responsibility for their actions and health)

2) Initial limit of 1,000 members

3) Donation-based commerce

I’ve made the “consicous commerce” business plan available here:

If you are interested in talking further, please let me know!

Dainis W. Michel

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  1. admin

    Martyn’s response:
    Dear Webmaster

    Our rate per one link on one web page for each 12 month period is:

    1 – 4 links : $120 / link / year

    5 – 20 links : $100 / link / year

    20+ links : $90 / link / year

    Lower border (small banner (95w x 50h) link appears on 640+ pages in our
    website) – $6000 / year
    Left border (banner 95w x 100h) appears on 640+ pages of our website) –
    $9000 / year
    Top border (banner 180w x 112h) appears on 640+ pages of our website) –
    $15000 / year

    Martyn Carruthers

  2. Martyn Carruthers

    I’m unsure what you gain by publishing emails without permission. We have found that many cases of tinnitus appear to be psychosomatic … tinnitus may disappear when emotional and relationship issues are cleaned up. A key question is … what does a person (with tinnitus) not want to hear?

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Dear Martyn, thank you very much for replying. I thought I made it clear that these were open letters, if there is anything at all you would like me to remove from your response, just let me know. Also, I’m pretty careful about this stuff, so I assume that I would have sent you an email with something like “I’ll assume it’s OK for me to publish this, if I don’t hear back from you…” I could check my records, but I’d say it might not be necessary, because I’m happy to remove whatever you like from your response. Regarding what I gain by publishing this process, well, basically, since having started with an online tinnitus support forum in about 2003 and also having had great success in reducing my tinnitus, and also having met a good number of folks who report having healed themselves completely, well…I tried to do the whole thing privately. Basically, there were no replies. Since doing the process openly, I’ve interviewed Kevin Hogan, Paul Tobey, David Meyerson, Dr. Hans Greuel, and others…and I’ve put together a tinnitus coaching program with Julian Cowan Hill (and the results have brought tears to my eyes regularly since then…I mean such wonderful progress!).

      So, again, please let me know what you want removed from your response. Also, I would be happy to learn more about your tinnitus therapy work. Do you have tinnitus? Do you work with tinnitus clients/patients regularly. How many tinnitus folks have you worked with? You mention the psychosomatic aspect…can you share some success stories?

      Regarding “what does a person (with tinnitus) not want to hear?” What do you mean “hear?” What about the person wanting to hear something specific and not hearing it?

      We’ve also noticed that resolving emotional and relationship issues can play a significant role in healing from tinnitus. We advocate proper personal, physical, and mental/emotional relief. Our members put together a therapy plan that includes “letting go” into a network of support (good friends, supportive family members, etc.), along with enjoyable body and mental/emotional therapy.

  3. marina

    Thank you for making the conversation open for the public…We all together need to take care to keep society healthy. Your reaction was simply and clean – thank you… And the topic is deeper than looks like


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