Ocean Waves Serenity Audio (MP3)


I figured you might like to relax with the sounds of some real Australian ocean waves. The audio eases into the natural wave sounds and then eases you back out.

You can download or click play to listen while you surf the site.

Download and Webcast available to members below


Download Here:
Waves for meditation Audio (14.1 MB)

3 thoughts on “Ocean Waves Serenity Audio (MP3)

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    Thank you so much s., I can make more of these. The original recording is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWZAz9Qbzos I extracted, faded in and out, and extended the piece by layering the original audio over itself a bit.

    I mentioned on a Cure Tinnitus Show that it is a dream of mine to go and record natural sounds. Super-long recordings. Like 24 hrs of wonderful natural sounds with no human intervention. No planes flying overhead. No cars. Just trees or wind or waterfalls or waves and when you play the audio, you could set it to the time, so if you were going to sleep, you could listen to the waves starting at 9:30 PM.

    If you find good sounds you find relaxing, let me know and we can link to them and maybe I can use them for a piece.


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