New Feature: Ask Tinnitus Questions via Telephone Message

We’re testing out a new feature. It’s a 24/7 question line.

You can leave me a voicemail message at 1 (317) 713-1177 any time, day or night. Questions should be 60 seconds or less and you should be willing to have them aired on the Cure Tinnitus Show. It goes like this: “This is Fred from Chicago, my question is…” You can also skip the name part, if you want to stay anonymous. I know leaving a message “just right” can sometimes be tough, and the voicemail options let you delete and repeat till you feel good about your question.

Please feel free to give us feedback on this member benefit.

One thought on “New Feature: Ask Tinnitus Questions via Telephone Message

  1. jason floore

    I just got back from the ear doctor. My ringing was so bad that i was honestly thinking about taking my life, but im much to strong for that to happen. He gave me 2 shots of Cortisone and 10 tablets of Valtrex.
    I am on my 3rd day and things are getting betting. My tinnitus is from being exposed to loud noise for many years.

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