Module 3 Summary and Video Module: Accepting Your Role In Tinnitus

Level 3 Resigned

  • Tinnitus is like a: Doctor. Starts to accept T begrudgingly and listen to the advice it is trying to give you
  • Effect on life: Accepts that changes are needed for T to back off. Accepts support and help.
  • Feelings: Resignation, acceptance, sadness, begrudging
  • Mindset: Sometimes can focus away from T. I’m responsible, so how do I get out of this?
  • Awareness: Realises that body and mind need attention and sorting out
  • Challenge: To let T show you what makes you feel better. To learn from T rather than fight it.

This can be a challenging level. Ease into it and do take care of yourself. Make sure to get any missing portions of the Program into place in your life. Here’s a quick reminder:

  1. Build a network of support (relaxing, helpful, funny)
  2. Get appropriate and relaxing body work (massage, cranio sacral, etc., what suits you)
  3. Get appropriate and relaxing counseling (psychotherapy, counseling, etc., what suits you)
  4. Do your personal relief stuff, get the rest you need, go on those walks, take time out for yourself, yes, do some stuff for yourself.

Paying attention to what feels good is important right now. The exercise at the end of the video (also described in the book) can provide perspective. You can also work with your counselor or therapist on the “plusses and minuses” that come up .

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