Tinnitus Tip: You have tinnitus, but are your nasal cavities and ears dirty and infected? (and other normal physical stuff)

How clean are your ears and nasal passages? Seriously. If you have tinnitus, [private_Complimentary 7-day Tinnitus Liberation First Steps eCourse]how can you take the “diagnosis” of “incurable tinnitus” seriously, if your nasal passages are dirty and infected?

Sure, cleaning your ears and nasal passages might not be comfortable for you, and it might be uncomfortable to think that you have infected, pus-filled pockets in your nasal passages.

Also, you might still have tinnitus, even after you clean your ears and nasal passages. But you’ll feel better, and you’ll have knocked one tinnitus “root cause” off your list.

What other normal physical stuff might deserve your attention?

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