Tinnitus Tip: Onset Incident or Cause?

Exposure to loud noise
Anaesthetics, surgery, operations

Side effects of some medicines
[private_Complimentary 7-day Tinnitus Liberation First Steps eCourse]Overwhelming emotional situations
Too much excitement
Great fear
Anger and frustration
Too much change
Too much responsibility
A blow to the head
A bad cold/head based bug/virus
Intense anger
Long term worry e.g. court case, divorce, money problems
Working overseas
Long-haul flights, frequent jet-lag
Syringing your ear
Focussing on the ear
Jaw problems & major dentistry
Lack of being looked after or supported
Early mothering difficulties
Being too compliant and not being allowed to say NO

If these things are onset incidents, which both JCH and Dr. Greuel (plus find more research) corroborates, then they are “onset incidents” and NOT “causes.”

Your unsupportive spouse did not CAUSE the tinnitus, and neither did the explosion, the loud music, the stress, the intense anger, or whatever it was.

Your immune system is not in a “normal” state, where it can regulate and release the tinnitus, as it most likely did at some point in your life.

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