Tinnitus Tip: Are you avoiding anything?

Are you avoiding anything? [private_Complimentary 7-day Tinnitus Liberation First Steps eCourse]

I sure am, and I figure that might contribute to my still having tinnitus (at least at the time of writing). I’m avoiding some relationship issues, or actually, the people I’d like to resolve things with are avoiding me. Hmmm. I definitely could use a professional massage. Why am I delaying? I keep just working my butt off and not taking care of myself.

What else am I avoiding?

Well, it feels like my life is kind of forcing me to not do certain things that I would really like to do.


So, I’m avoiding taking my life into my own hands. In a sense I am, but I am a whole lot better at it. And frankly, just acknowledging that makes my jaw loosen up.

Also, I keep thinking “I’ll start saving when I have enough money to do so,” and “I’ll pick up where I left off in the martial arts when I get this site running, or when I do this project, or that project.” Why do I avoid taking care of myself and run around and help other people before helping myself? Why do I create self-imposed stress and deadlines? Why not make a conscious effort to really address the things I might be avoiding?

Well, I’ve done that, I’m doing it, and it’s working. I’m getting stronger and setting better boundaries, and taking better care of myself. Yeah, from now on, I am going to say “what I WAS avoiding…”

How about you?

[/private_Complimentary 7-day Tinnitus Liberation First Steps eCourse]

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