Julian Cowan Hill Tinnitus Healing Practitioner Interview I

Julian Cowan Hill generously devotes about 45 minutes of his time discussing what tinnitus is, in his experience, how he “let go” of his tinnitus, and how he helps others do the same. A warm and inviting interview that comes across as a friendly discussion between Julian and Dainis.

This interview gives people suffering with tinnitus wonderful information about steps they can take to get better.

A perfect video to watch for people beginning or on an empowering journey of healing.

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3 thoughts on “Julian Cowan Hill Tinnitus Healing Practitioner Interview I

  1. Bob Marino

    Hello Dainis,

    ‘Warm & inviting’ sums up the interview perfectly…I’d also add insightful & truly comforting. Vey much looking forward to delving into his e-book soon.

    An excellent choice of guest to kick-off your new site !

  2. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

    Thanks Bob! Yes, the eBook is really incredible. One thing, from my perspective, it was challenging to read. It’s only about 60 pages long, but because the information is so compact, it has taken me a long time to process it.

    For example, just the concept of “letting go into a supportive community” takes time. Surrounding yourself with positive people who you can relax with and have a good time with isn’t necessarily something that can be done at the snap of a finger. While it might sound silly, even at close to 40 years old, I’ve started playing Risk and drinking beer with some guys during happy hour on occasional Sundays.

    Sounds silly, but I really laugh a lot, I drink beer, and OK, so alcohol isn’t the greatest thing, but whatever, I really have a good time. Without exception, I feel better on Monday…even if a few times I’ve been a bit hung over…the point is that I really had fun.

    Julian is a real find for us, since he cured himself of tinnitus, and he has a very calming demeanor. When I interview Dr. Greuel, you’ll see that his demeanor is very similar and I’d say happy and “loose” in the facial area. But the facial looseness comes from an inner freedom.

    I really enjoy just watching Julian sit and talk. I can feel the muscles in my face relaxing, and I start to think about all the ways that I can take care of myself better.

    To me, that comforting feeling is very important in selecting practitioners to work with.

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