Our online tinnitus healing community gives you the power to heal yourself by learning from people who have already done it successfully…

This letter will help you understand what tinnitus is, whether it's curable or not, and what you can do right now to start feeling better...

From: Dainis W. Michel

Dear Tinnitus Liberation Seeker...

Doctors, audiologists, and other practitioners saying: "tinnitus is incurable, there's nothing you can do, you just have to learn to live with it" is just not good enough for you, just like it wasn't enough for me.

At the same time, claims like "3 easy steps to eliminate your tinnitus in less than 2 months" sound too good to be true (and for the most part, are). And instead of long-term therapies designed to teach you how to live with it, wouldn't you love to learn how to manage, reduce and eliminate your tinnitus as soon as possible?

That's how I felt, and "learning to live with it" simply was not an option for me. You see, I am a composer and choral conductor, and I used to have howling tinnitus. In fact, when I came down with it, I was living in misery and on the verge of suicide. But instead of ending my life or staying stuck in misery, I flew around the world and learned to resolve my tinnitus issue.

Tens of thousands of dollars and miles later, I partnered with a leading expert in tinnitus, and together we created a step by step, doable, proven coaching program to help you manage, reduce, and possibly eliminate your tinnitus. can wind up feeling really really alone I know you want to be rid of your tinnitus as easily as possible. I've heard from more than a few people that they would cut off a limb to be rid of tinnitus. I had similar thoughts. But with so much conflicting information out there and many doctors just throwing up their arms and unable to help, you can wind up feeling really really alone. Left completely alone.

You may feel you've been abandoned by the medical community, scammed by eBook writers, deflated by the infectous grief of fellow tinnitus sufferers, and all you want to do is heal, to get better...

But how can you heal? I am in a unique position to help you...right now...starting today.

Basically, because it got too expensive for me to keep flying around the world meeting various practitioners, I started interviewing them via telephone and online. I decided it makes sense to learn from people who'd already healed themselves of tinnitus, so I met as many people who had done that as I could.

During my travels and especially when I started doing online interviews, I met some amazing therapists and people. Tinnitus tends to strengthen character, and people who've come out on the other side are really AMAZING. Every single one made a choice. Every single one went on an individual journey of empowerment and relief. We now call that journey "liberation from tinnitus."

Here's our video on the incurability of tinnitus debate:

Is Tinnitus Curable?

Dainis W. Michel of interviews Kevin Hogan, Julian Cowan Hill, Paul Tobey and Dr. Hans Greuel about the curability of tinnitus.

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Go from tinnitus to liberation.

Basically, this letter presents you with a choice to start on the path to liberation from tinnitus and wind up grateful you had it...or remain stuck where you are. Now I want you to be just as amazing as these incredible people, who've healed themselves of one of the toughest conditions to "cure" out there. Tinnitus is so tough to lick, in fact, that many uninformed people will insist that tinnitus is can get really really ugly...I know.

It's really unfortunate that there are therapists and medical practitioners who actually believe that tinnitus is incurable, and they only try to help you if you accept that "fact." But, you can't argue with reason, and I want to take that head on: if there is just one person in the world who's cured tinnitus, then it's not incurable...that's just sound logic. And guess what? Little did I know, there ARE people out there who've healed themselves. They were tough to dig up, and many don't want the attention, and there is nothing more in the world that would bring me more joy than to add you (anonymous, or otherwise) to the list of success stories here at

"We give people with tinnitus the 

power to heal themselves by learning

from people who have done it


I worked with one therapist in particular to create an online learning platform for people to heal themselves of tinnitus. His name is Julian Cowan Hill (R.C.S.T.), and he had tinnitus for 20 years and though he is partially deaf, he does not have tinnitus anymore, and he knows how to help people "out from tinnitus." Julian and I have dug deep into the process of healing from tinnitus and present it to you while offering personal assistance and the ability to ask questions regarding your personal situation.

That's right, when you join, you get immediate access to ask  personal questions about your tinnitus to a master teacher who not only healed himself of his own tinnitus, but who helps 100's of people do a part of his life's mission.

The most effective way to teach this is via the web...For me, a real "light bulb" went off, when I realized we could deliver our one-of-a-kind, in-depth information via text, PDF, audio, and video...ALL ONLINE...

  • Which saves you the cost of trekking around the world
  • ...influences tinnitus research to start studying "the healed," as opposed to dwelling on sickness
  • ...helps you focus your therapy plan to give you the fastest tinnitus recovery time possible
  • ...empowers you with tinnitus healing information that most therapists and practitioners don't know about (that can make all the difference in the world for your success...)

"Health is never to be attained by studying disease and thinking about disease....Medicine as a science of disease has increased disease..."
(Wallace D. Wattles)

So now I provide online access to our eCourses and membership community that help people heal themselves of tinnitus by learning from folks who've already done it.

We, at, really understand where you are right now, and I want you to understand that the path out from tinnitus is well-trodden.

Access interviews with experts who have already healed themselves of tinnitus The community is unique due to the focus on "what helps," "what has helped," and "what helps you." It is not a site that guarantees a cure, or even "cures;" rather, it informs.

The personalized combination of...

  • Physical therapy
  • Mental and emotional counseling and care
  • Steps taken for personal relief by each individual
  • Expert coaching
  • A positive and supportive community to "let go" into (both on and offline)

...that we teach our members brings powerful results, making Membership an ideal accompaniment to tinnitus therapies.

From personal experience, I know that tinnitus sucks. It's amazing how many people have it, and how alone people feel with it. I still have a tiny eety bitty bit of it left, which is why I created I really like learning from people who have already accomplished what I've set out to accomplish for myself. It helps so very much.

I host our members only online Cure Tinnitus Show -- and each show is deeply settling. I feel better for having hosted the show, our viewers get their questions answered and share their concerns, and so the whole community is just great.

The Risks of Untreated Tinnitus...

Ignoring tinnitus leaves you at risk...Honestly, I'm grateful and relieved that you've found this page, because it's actually a blessing that you have tinnitus now. Because tinnitus is like a warning siren that forces you to get your act together before having another kind of worse breakdown. Tinnitus may actually save your life.

According to Dr. Hans Greuel from Germany, ignoring your tinnitus and learning to live with it leaves you at risk for further medical complications.

"Tinnitus is an illness that stems from specific risk factors, therefore, it is important to learn how to cure it. Learning to live with it means further complications, reduction in health, and even the risk of having a stroke."
(Dr. Hans Greuel, Tinnitus Specialist)

The way I look at it, tinnitus is like a smoke alarm going off in your body. If you just turn off the alarm (or ignore it) without putting out the fire, well, you're bound to go down in flames. That's why we address the root causes of tinnitus and help you every step of the way. When the fire is put out, the alarm will stop. Our program is a compressed, distilled, easy to follow system that teaches you exactly what you need to do to start recovering starting today.

We help people with tinnitus heal themselves of tinnitus better, faster, and easier because we provide the missing information...

most doctors and

practitioners don't know

...not because they're malicious or bad, but because they rarely have direct experience with actually healing from tinnitus (either having had it themselves or having directly helped patients heal). That's why they mistakenly assume that tinnitus is incurable, and that's where comes in.

Learning from people who have healed themselves of tinnitus is critical for you because you're going to have a hard time convincing anyone who had it (and doesn't have it anymore), that the condition is incurable. You can't do it, because they either aren't suffering with tinnitus anymore, or it's so low that it's not an issue for them.

To help you, we provide a roadmap to liberation from tinnitus, plain and simple. Provided by those who've already completed the journey.

Well being is the opposite of

tinnitus. Enter into well being and

you won't have tinnitus anymore.

I am regularly moved to tears To help you, we provide a roadmap to liberation from tinnitus, plain and the messages of relief and learning sent to me by members of It is your relief, your life improvement that keeps me going. Our community is dedicated to your healing, to your relief.

I want you to be our next success story, and I can give you to the tools so you can be...

I like to ask people who want to achieve certain goals, be it a financial goal, a health goal, or any other kind of life goal: "what do you need to do to make achieving your goal inevitable?"

  • You cannot be in the dark about your goal.
  • You cannot befriend and hang out with people who have no idea about how to achieve your goal.
  • You cannot waste your time with people who tell you your goal is impossible.

Instead, the following make a lot of sense...

  • Getting proven strategies straight from the the people who've healed themselves...
  • Being among people who understand your pain, and can help you end it!
  • Finally ending the long search and countering the bad advice from people who can only guess at the right approach...
  • Renewing faith that you CAN heal yourself...

We "clear the fog," of tinnitus...

Members learn how to heal themselves by learning ...too many people are suffering needlessly, left alone in the dark about tinnitusfrom those who have already done it. Some move very quickly and have an "aha moment" that causes their tinnitus to disappear immediately. Others have paths that take a longer, but the good thing is that relief feels GOOD!

Once you "get" and apply the principles we teach at, you'll know what you need to do to manage, reduce, relieve, and possibly eliminate your tinnitus. We can't promise "the ultimate success," however, we can promise that our path helps you feel better fast, helps you manage your situation where you are now, and shows you a clear "roadmap" out from tinnitus and "into" well being.

...and frankly, when you succeed at reducing your tinnitus, when you feel the power of these simple techniques that a quick convenient purchase can give you, you will have a burning need to spread the word. Because too many people are suffering needlessly, left alone in the dark about tinnitus.


Don't want my photo or name used sorry Dainis.

1) Perceptions before joining group were that "this was the end of life as I knew it" and "I was finished and my life would not go on". I was lost.

2) I feel grateful for membership in this group. It saved my life.

3) Specific results: learning to "cope" and not "panic" about the ringing. Learning that others had learned to "let go" of tinnitus and that just perhaps I could too. And I did get the strength to manage it and be unafraid and cope.

I still hear it but I don't pay much attention to it. Learning to relax out of "fight or flight" has been monumental for me.



We are deeply dedicated to

influencing tinnitus research...

Our orientation is on healing. It is on the journey of getting better day by day. We intend to clear the fog about tinnitus not only in each of our members, but in the field of tinnitus research as well.

Getting better for you is first and foremost now, and if you'll allow us to help you, you'll know just how important our work is to spread and inform others about. Our cause is to not only help you personally, but to create a global tinnitus healing revolution. To do that, we provide you with an inexpensive online Membership Community that gives you the ongoing support you need, that I believe is the best thing for you and the future of tinnitus healing for generations to come.

And we need you to start taking care of yourself properly. One of the first steps to taking care of yourself is honesty.  How are you feeling right now? Are there any changes going on in your body? Are you ready to continue?

Here are some of the features and benefits of Membership:

  • Interview Video Series. Ongoing interviews of experts and people who have healed themselves, including: Julian Cowan Hill, Paul Tobey, Dr. Hans Greuel, David Meyerson, and Kevin Hogan (Audio). Members can nominate experts for interviews. Basically, this is like inviting a whole bunch of people who've healed themselves of tinnitus (or helped others heal themselves) right into your living room and have them tell you their stories, their trials, how much money they spent, what worked, what didn't work for them, and what their best advice is for you. Also, we have direct access to these folks, so if you have a follow up question, for goodness sake, just ask!
  • Motivational Video Series. The path to healing from tinnitus can be bumpy at times. These videos make you laugh, help you know that you are not alone, and give you that boost you need when the going gets tough. We are here for you live and in recorded format. Knowing that you have friends on your side, people who are warmly and deeply committed to helping you, helps you access the motivation you need to keep going until you are better.
  • 24/7 Question line via voice message or email. This allows you to wake up in a start, dial a phone number and ask your burning tinnitus-related question right then and there. You'll either be directed to our best responses in the archives or learning materials, or we'll handle your question on the next possible Cure Tinnitus Show.
  • Course updates, improvements, added worksheets, private videos, etc. We are continuously improving our member area, the accessibility and ease-of-use of the site, and honing in on giving you exactly what you need to get better from tinnitus. When you become a member of, you access an active, interactive, and comfortably evolving healing community.
  • We'll plant a tree for you. If you let go of tinnitus completely and let us know, we will grant you free access to for life, plant a tree in your honor, and give you our tinnitus liberation award. When the going gets rough, you can just think about how fun it will be when we plant your tree for you...and unless you are an inhuman lump of's sure to bring a smile to your face.
  • Inevitability Map Template, also known as the Barrier Buster Map or the Inevitability Mindset Manifestation Map. This map shows you how to overcome any barrier, including tinnitus. You'll feel like a superhero flying over the tortured valleys of forgotten pain
  • Road To Optimal Health Template. If you need a map, here it is. Here is how to set up a therapy plan that will work and give you the best information to get better fast.
  • RAT — Recently Acquired Tinnitus Survival Guide eCourse. Immediate, direct, results-oriented. Definitely relevant for those with chronic tinnitus. This course tells you what you need to do right now to get better fast. ($150 Retail Value)
  • From Tinnitus to Liberation 7-month eCourse. This course is for folks who've crossed the bridge into "chronic tinnitus." We hold your hand and take you from being stuck with tinnitus to being liberated from it...all the while keeping you in touch with people who've already succeeded. ($350 Retail Value)

Our lead expert Julian Cowan Hill R.C.S.T. had tinnitus for 20 years (4 of which he had trouble hearing the phone ring and was in a very bad state), is partially deaf, and STILL healed himself of tinnitus. He has now dedicated his life to helping you heal yourself from tinnitus too. He calls it "letting go" of tinnitus, and it is in your best interests to listen to every single word Julian has to say to you about recovering from tinnitus.

Julian Cowan Hill R.C.S.T Recommends

Julian Cowan Hill R.C.S.T had tinnitus for 20 years and worked closely with Dainis W. Michel to create the healing program at

Here's what you'll gain as a member...

  • You'll learn what tinnitus is and why it persists in you...and that means you'll quickly get on the right path to management, reduction, and elimination of your tinnitus. Quickly get on the right path to management, reduction, and elimination of nasty tinnitus.We work directly with you to teach you how to let go of tinnitus
  • You will learn about the tinnitus patient personality characteristics that essentially "force" tinnitus to remain stuck in your life (these are no joke or whim, these are scientifically documented and proven, though not widely known or acknowledged). You will learn what you can do about these characteristics right away to notice improvement.
  • We work directly to "clear the fog" in the debate over whether tinnitus is curable or not by interviewing people who have healed themselves of tinnitus (or have helped others to the point of their tinnitus disappearing). This gives you confidence, because you can prove that the path to healing from tinnitus is well-trodden, and there are people who have gone before you.
  • You get direct access to Julian Cowan Hill R.C.S.T, who had tinnitus for 20 years, is partially deaf, does not wear hearing aids, and does not have tinnitus anymore. He is the resident expert on our Cure Tinnitus Shows, which are very settling and helpful. On the shows, Julian provides personal coaching and answers your questions.
  • You get to access in-depth interviews with experts who have already cured themselves of tinnitus. It's like having a private one-on-one consultation with an expert tinnitus healing coach.

We provide you with the tools to create a personal map for your healing, and you'll know...

  • How to coordinate your work with doctors and therapists so that you start managing and reducing your tinnitus, ...simple, effective, proven methods...
  • What to say to your doctors and therapists to help them help you better...yes, you will be better informed than most medical practitioners about tinnitus and you will be able to use their openness to the proven reearch you'll bring to them as a "flash test," to see if they are able to help you...
  • You'll learn how to hear and heed what your tinnitus is telling it will back off...
...and you'll learn techniques that can make you fearless the next time you have a tinnitus spike as you confidently apply our simple strategies and breeze through your next tinnitus crisis. You CAN do it!

Member Case Study #47:

In the summer of 2009, I was frantic, frustrated, and
actually feeling somewhat hopeless (but determined to move forward) about T.

I have lived with it for 20 years (the first 5 being the
worst hell, then I "progressed" to purgatory and then years of functioning quite well, with T on a back burner and 10-12 hours of sleep). I was so tired and confused and didn't want to live like this into my old age.

SO...I came across Julian's youtube video on T which lead me to I am a skeptic by nature and actually very well informed in healthcare and related issues. TRT was helpful but I needed more pieces to the puzzle. I subscribed to a trial offer at

The info
rang true. This doesn't happen often. I have never joined a blog and rarely read one as they can be so toxic and full of misinformation and hysteria.

I had nothing to lose so I decided to become a full member.

I feel supported and understood with I appreciate the "no whining" policy, no online cult or finacial scam issues.

My specific results were an almost immediate reduction of T, (I could litteraly feel a shift in my brain, which resulted in a reduction of T, which also equates to less angst and more energy = more hope. I have had incrimenatal improvements since joining. You have to know that I had been listening to an excellent T. autohypnosis relaxation tape for a couple of months daily (or nightly) and I was in a place where I was willing to heal on a deeper level.

After watching the Cure Tinnitus Video Shows, the
knowlege and encouragement would settle me internally. Also this information needs to sink in. I replay the videos as needed and look forward to the next shows.

I am also open to bodywork, and am having monthly craniosacral 
therapy. I respond well to it. Tinnitus is similar to many "maladies" that require healing (depression, addiction, ...). It takes inner resources, courage, determination, (an income  definitly helps) and support and faith. By the grace of God I have these. I do know that many others have done it with less.

I am also making reasonable changes to my life, work, letting go of a few negative hangers on, and becoming more physically active, all with concious thought and intentions.

I have to "take a daily reading" on my busy self tendancies.

I can't really comment on improving the site. It's not an area I know much about. I'm OK with it. Well, maybe you could add a laser beam and and poker game??

My biggest frustration on the T liberation path was little or no information from the medical system or any system for that matter. Over the years I did come across people who had recovered from T, or that had it intermittantly(it they used it as a barometer for stress). Over that past months as a member of my old beliefs about T are changing for the better.

It is a leap of faith, but the improvements
are undeniable and the clarity does expand. (I couldn't have written this statement last spring, I am so pleased and grateful)

Dainis, I am not comfortable with coming out of the T closet. My privacy and anonymity is vital to my well being at this stage of the game. You have a lot of courage to put yourself out there on the web. Maybe that's a true sign of liberation.

Guess What?
Research Shows That

I discovered that, in total silence, EVERYONE HAS TINNITUS. It explains A LOT about the condition, and it explains why 10% of the population "has" it, but it's kind of an "ignored issue." It explains the subjective nature of tinnitus. It explains why both sides of the curabilty debate can actually be seen as "right," and it also explains why you don't need to suffer any longer.

More than a few of my doctors literally laughed in my face when I told them I wanted to manage, reduce, and eliminate my tinnitus...My doctors actually laughed in my face... especially when I told them I believed it was possible. My GP actually said "Oh ho ho, you have tinnitus, life sucks, the body has an expiration date, and it's 40! It's only going to get worse and by the way, you have the beginnings of a chronic liver condition. Ho ho ha." He really said that.

Shame on him and other practitioners who continue to spread such life-threatening messages. Check out the research study below...

Research Results #31:

In 1953 Heller and Bergman performed a simple and classic experiment.

They placed 80 tinnitus free individuals (university members) in a sound proofed room for 5 minutes each, asking them to report on any sounds that might be heard. The subjects thought they might be undergoing a hearing test, but actually experienced 5 minutes of total silence.

93% reported hearing buzzing, pulsing, whistling sounds in the head or ears identical to those reported by tinnitus sufferers.

This simple experiment shows almost anyone can detect background electrical activity present in every living nerve cell in the hearing pathways as a sound. Although some areas of the auditory system may be more active than others, every neuron will contribute to some extent to the final perception of tinnitus.

These electrical signals are not evidence of damage, but compensatory activity that occurs all the time in the auditory system of each one of us.


So, if everyone has it, the question to answer is why you hear it and why others don't. Are you ready to launch your new life, your new life on the path of liberation from tinnitus?Why didn't you hear it before, and why do you hear it now?

As a member, you'll learn the answers to these questions...Are you curious about launching a new life, your new life on the path of liberation from tinnitus?

Once you choose the path of liberation from tinnitus, you'll already feel better, because you'll know you're learning all the right things to get better and better every day.

And you'll notice a real difference in yourself, you'll be different from the people who are stuck suffering with tinnitus and doomed to stay that way.

If you have something that another person needs that will help them, then shame on you for not doing everything in your power to provide it to them.
--John Carlton

Thanks, John, that's what we're doing here...

Now, obviously, personal coaching costs money, and in today's economy, not everyone can afford it. That's why is an online community with low monthly member dues, so we can all benefit by pooling our resources. Most of our experts paid well into the 10's of thousands of dollars on healing themselves, and now, due to advances in Internet technology, you can benefit from their experience at a fraction of the cost.

Go from "Finding Hope" and

 "Easing Struggle," to

"Gaining Power Over Tinnitus,"


These are the stages of liberation from tinnitus that Julian Cowan Hill and I designed for our Tinnitus to Liberation Program:

  1. Finding Hope. Getting unstuck What is the path to getting better
  2. Easing Struggle. Accepting responsibility and opening to change
  3. Accepting your role in tinnitus. Orienting to health. Tinnitus as a means of letting go. Resignation as a path to acceptance. The importance of acceptance. Accepting responsibility. Encouraging people. This is a tough level. 
  4. Putting your motivation to work. Gaining Motivation. Channeling developing. Putting your motivation to positive use. Making your motivation work for you. 
  5. Letting go. It's all about you're much better now how to handle the wobbles shit happens how to cope in that situation. Letting go if it comes back. What to do if it comes back. Letting go continuously. 
  6. Gaining power over tinnitus. Getting empowered. Empowered. Claiming your power. Feeling empowered. Gaining empowerment. Letting tinnitus empower you. Claiming empowerment. Turning. Gaining gratitude through empowerment. Thank the tinnitus. Sit and drop into a deep state of calm. Using the tinnitus for health. Tinnitus is keeping me on track. Trusting the health of tinnitus. Gaining power. 
  7. Liberation. Liberating others. Recognizing the health of tinnitus. Being present. Achieving well being. It isn't possible to have tinnitus in that state.

Imagine lovingly being taken through each of those steps,Imagine lovingly being taken through each of step... feeling the tinnitus let up, and experiencing the amazing surge of energy that liberation from tinnitus brings. The amazing sense of well being. A sense of bliss that right now, you can only yearn for...struggle for...and we're right here by your side to ease the struggle and help you take just the right steps.

Personally, I'm at about stage 6 in the program. So, I'm a student of the site just like you. I have stretches where I am not aware of my T. For me, tinnitus is a teacher, and I am learning from it. I am learning to listen to my body better. As I progress, I refer back at these steps, especially if I wind up feeling a bit stuck. And because of, it is very easy for me to apply direct techniques to silence any tinnitus spikes. And furthermore, the spike simply has no power to send me into a tailspin or whirlwind of confusion...because I'm not confused anymore by my body's responses to how I treat it, and how I respond to external and internal stressors.

What we can't do.

Your expectations, the “cure,”

guarantees, and our site...

If you run your engine on high for days at a time without refueling or maintenance, even the best engines will fail...The subject of guarantees is important, and it’s interesting that “the cure for tinnitus” lurks even in our disclaimer. Our disclaimer is summarized by “members take 100% responsibility for their own health.” That’s it.

Why? Because we can teach you how to be a good driver and caretaker of your “vehicle,” your “car” “automobile,” your BODY, and we can teach you how to maintain your car, how to obey traffic laws, and we can advise as to a good maintenance schedule.

We can even refer you to "mechanics" for your particular kind of “car trouble,” we can show you how to find such "mechanics" locally, and we can offer do-it-yourself guides. But, if you drive from coast to coast at top speed and run your engine on high for days at a time without refueling or maintenance, even the best engines will fail and run out of fuel.

Does that make sense?

If you've read this far, I'll reveal something pretty personal: I had a history of overworking myself and giving too much to others for too little in return. I was also relentless about my career and schedule in a way that caused me a lot of personal stress. Leaving those traits behind opened me up to experiencing relationships that are fair and enabled me to progress in my career in a way that's powerful, effective, and practically "effortless." I truly believe that "letting go" of tinnitus makes you into a better person. More complete, more relaxed, and much much more effective.

Ignoring tinnitus puts you at heightened medical risk, and joining

  • Is the right thing to do to get better
  • It's online and easily accessible
  • It's structured so anyone can follow it and gives helpful techniques you can use now to relieve your tinnitus
  • Lots of experts
  • Healing from people who've already done it makes a lot of sense
  • This isn't a "stay away from your doctors" kind of site, this is a site that teaches you how to use your docs and therapists to your best advantage
  • It's believable because it's real
  • It's scientifically grounded

So to assess the value of membership at, here's a rundown again of all of your member benefits:

  • Cure Tinnitus Show Live Participation and Access to Archives (Value $306)
  • Fight or Flight Self-Assessment Questionnaire ($17)
  • FAQ Video Series: A deep and continuously growing archive of common and useful topic (Value $69.99)
  • Exercises Video Series: Exercises led by Julian (Value $39.99)
  • Interview Video Series. Ongoing interviews of experts and people who have healed themselves, including: Julian Cowan Hill, Paul Tobey, Dr. Hans Greuel, Kevin Hogan (Audio). Members can nominate experts for interviews. (Value $79.99)
  • Motivational Video Series (Value $37)
  • 24/7 Question line via voice message or email ($17/mo)
  • Course updates, improvements, added worksheets, private videos, etc.

Special Gifts:

  • Let go of your tinnitus and get free access for life, receive our tinnitus liberation award, and have a tinnitus liberation tree planted in your honor
  • Priority response when asking Julian questions
  • Inevitability Map Template (Barrier Buster Map) (Inevitability Mindset Manifestation Map) ($17)
  • Road To Optimal Health Template ($17)
  • RAT -- Recently Acquired Tinnitus Survival Guide eCourse. Immediate, direct, results-oriented. Definitely relevant for those with chronic tinnitus. ($150 Value)
  • From Tinnitus to Liberation 7-month eCourse. ($350 Value)

While the You can access our site, right now, on a trial basis, for 1 dollar.actual value of helping people like this cannot truly be "counted" in terms of dollars, the list price of our program (along with the additions I've made recently) adds up to over $1,100.97. And, you can access it for the entry price of 1 dollar. That is why I urge you to take advantage of this offer and act now...

...We could charge a one-time fee of $997 and may in the future. However, I am so dedicated to making our program available to you, and I am so confident that you will love membership, I've made our self-paced membership available to you for 1 dollar for one full month.

That means, you pay 1 dollar now, you get to preview the first month for free, and if you like the first month, let our system process your member dues. You then gain immediate access to your second month of tinnitus guidance, and again, you only allow your payment to go through, if you are completely satisfied with the help you're given.

Sound fair?

On our end, we are curious how this kind of generosity will be received, and we want to see what quality of member this kind of offer will bring us. As a result, we cannot guarantee that this offer will be available tomorrow.

I personally believe that everyone who suffers from tinnitus should be a member of

Most people are not going to take

that last step towards liberating

 themselves from tinnitus.

At this point, you are almost there. Most people are not going to take that last step towards liberating themselves from tinnitus. Those of us who have, have wound up deeply grateful that we had tinnitus, that it came into our lives, because it literally forced us to resolve the deep issues and habits that were literally killing us and locking us into excruciating pain. Right now, you can stay where you are, uncertain about your next steps, riddled with anxiety over tinnitus, and most likely losing sleep, or, on the other side...

If you choose to join us, you can immediately learn how to experience advantages like:

  • Nights of sweet sleep
  • The right information to liberate yourself from tinnitus
  • More centered and harmonious relationships
  • Information you can take to your doctors and help them help you better
  • A community of informed people behind you all the way
  • Taking care of yourself
  • Comforting and comfortable exercises you can start doing right now
  • Loving yourself deeply
  • The ability to ask your personal questions to our master tinnitus liberation coach Julian Cowan Hill
  • Resolving past trauma
  • Soothing body work
  • Knowing where to go locally for help
  • And well...the program we've designed just simply FEELS GOOD!

Here is what you need to do now:

To gain immediate access, simply choose your membership level from the table below and click on the "Subscribe" button to order:

P.S. The special offer is 1 dollar for the first month, pay your member dues only at the END of each completed month.

P.P.S. On the special, if you are unhappy with for any reason, I'll issue you a refund of your 1 dollar, if you request the refund within 30 days. If you are happy with our community and your very very special offer, just allow your Member Dues to process at the end of each completed month.

P.P.P.S. Choose a regular membership, if you want to get started right away and gain immediate access to your complete welcome package. All our programs carry a 30-day guarantee...we ONLY accept financial compensation from satisfied members. Period.

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