13 thoughts on “Invitation to try our Complimentary 7-Day Tinnitus Liberation First Steps eCourse

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      Hi Neil, just put in your name and email address under “the 7-day “tinnitus liberation first steps” ecourse ($24.95 retail) free here, plus bonuses:”…and welcome! 🙂

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      Fixed it, Bruce, you weren’t registered for the Complimentary Course, since you came on board as a member, not a “try before you buy” person. Looking forward to hearing about your progress, story, and what works for you… 🙂

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      You might be right, maybe it is impossible to find the ecourse, I’m the web developer, and I might simply just be “no good.”

      Here are the steps to find the eCourse, let me know if things are still impossible for you:

      1) Register 2) Read the page presented to you upon login 3) the eCourse is delivered automatically, in order, via email 4) if you want to see everything at once you login and click on the “Member Content | Courses | Complimentary 7-Day Tinnitus Liberation First Steps eCourse” menu item.

      Here is a video to help you further, and I don’t like being told “I’m no good.” Maybe you could look elsewhere for assistance with your tinnitus.

      Again, this video takes you click by click: http://screencast.com/t/sFWlLSSPYT

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      without comments that help, without suggestions…and only being presented with complaints…i’d rather not hear from you again.

      if you have constructive thoughts, please share them, if you are complaining without suggestions…then please find someone else.

      i’m perfectly happy to remove you from my system, i only accept money from satisfied members, and if you don’t like my site, either make constructive comments or leave. i am planning a redesign, i’m aware of navigation issues, and i’m doing everything i can to make the CureTinnitus.org program as clear and simple as possible.

      however, some people with tinnitus find things confusing, when in fact, they are confused. i was like that. i was hyper, super-vigilant, mega smart, and well…quick to point out flaws. so, i understand where you are coming from. however, what if your complaint had a suggestion in it? or what if you missed something? i mean, the free ecourse is delivered to you daily via email. how can you not find THAT? it’s in your email box.

      is this site confusing, or are you confused?

      if you are confused, or if it’s both…then seek the therapy you need to come into peace, harmony, and clarity.

      is curetinnitus.org cumbersome or are you? in what way is curetinnitus.org cumbersome and what would make it less cumbersome, and in what way are you cumbersome and how could you be less cumbersome to correspond with?

      when you simply hammer the negative…it feels like getting pounded in the head…no thanks. take that to a therapist…

      you have what you need for next steps, and i have defined how i would like to be communicated with.

      so: it’s constructive suggestions or removal…hope that’s clear.


      On Nov 23, 2010, at 4:08 PM, Q S wrote:

      Hi Dainis,
      I appreciate what you do, don’t get me wrong, but your site is cumbersome and confusing.


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      is it true you’ve only sent one comment?

      is it true that my emails are hostile?

      maybe start there…


      On Nov 23, 2010, at 4:52 PM, Q S wrote:

      Who is the bully here?…I have only you sent you one comment ever and I get a barrage of emails that are very hostile back!

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      no more personal emails to me, i’ve copied your responses here:


      we can discuss publicly.

      you sent two emails…both blunt, received as very rude by me…you called me “no good.” and you called my site “cumbersome and confusing” even though the course gets delivered automatically via email and points you to the specific, relevant post.

      if you have constructive comments, please make them. how could it be BETTER?

      also, your private emails to me will not be answered privately anymore…only publicly.

      that is the first step when in a negative spiral like this…go public.

      don’t go one on one with a bully…ever.

      if you find my responses to you hostile, essentially…i’m asking questions that help you relate to yourself and not to just judge and criticize me or this website.

      i am very happy to receive constructive criticism that also includes potential solutions, however, just read your comments…i mean…you’re surprised that i’m perfectly happy to have you leave and remove you from this website entirely?


      what if i called you “no good”

      what if i called you “cumbersome as a person”

      and what if i called you “confusing?”

      would you like that?

      i am a PERSON, and just because i’m #1 in google for cure tinnitus, just because i’m a public personality, does not mean that i don’t have feelings.

      yes, i’m getting better at receiving comments from tyrants, bullies, negative people, etc., but honestly, it’s not easy.

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