Interview with Paul Carrington of Banish Tinnitus Scheduled — eBook Review

Dear visitors, members, and subscribers. I’ve booked an interview with the author of the eBook Banish Tinnitus: Silence The Ringing In 3 Easy Steps.

If you have any questions for Paul, please post them as comments here.

I’m looking forward to a great interview.

22 thoughts on “Interview with Paul Carrington of Banish Tinnitus Scheduled — eBook Review


    Hey PAUL,

    I send you many emails but I don’t recieve an answer from you ????
    I paid already on 2 april $27,00 with C.C.
    but I don’t recieve the promise link to download the E book ????? – 9 aprl !
    Strange ????
    Louis LAMBRICHTS – Belgium

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Hi Louis: I wish you the best in getting through to Paul’s tech support. Lots of things can and do go wrong with the technical ordering process…sometimes there are glitches, your computer, his system. If you don’t have the download yet, you should certainly keep trying. Does he have a support phone number? Maybe try looking one up.

      1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

        I order the Ebook from Paul Carrington: Banish Tinnitus !
        in special offer 27 $ in pl.of 37 $ !
        I paid alreadi on 2 april with mi Master C.C.

        Can you give me the link for contact Paul Carrington because he don’t anwer me on his email adress.

        Louis Lambrichts – Belgium

  2. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

    Louis, I just left a skype message for Paul Carrington on your behalf.

    …I am not Paul though I have spoken with him on the phone a few times…

    …I understand you are likely in crisis…

    This is kind of like you needing service from a car dealership and what you do is you call another car dealership that is in a completely different country…but the person still makes a long distance phone call on your behalf.

    I can’t promise anything, though it is a part of my mission to help people heal from tinnitus, so I’ll do my best for you, however, please understand that I am neither Paul nor his technical support representative. We live in separate countries and are separate organizations.

    Once you have Paul’s eBook, you may want to review it at or post some questions for our upcoming interview.

    Also, you’ve posted 2 comments in completely different places at about this topic. I’ve consolidated your comments here. Please do not make any further crisis Paul Carrington tech support posts here. Feel free to report back on whether Paul helped you or not.

    I sent him the link to this post and that is the best I can do.

    This is really not my responsibility. However, there is a lesson regarding tinnitus in here. The tinnitus pattern is present in many ways in this exchange.


    PS: Good luck with your healing!

  3. John Campbell

    I too bought the “Banish Tinnitus” e book on April 1st only to find out that there is no e book, or at least that the impression I got. I emailed Paul several times since and got no response. So much for “Remember, if have any questions or need any assistance at any time please contact me via“.

    John Campbell

  4. John Campbell

    Have you spoken with Paul lately? Just wondering if there were any other complaints about the ordering glitch that happened to me and Louis. I still haven’t received any response from Paul yet about this issue. Thanks.
    p.s. When is the interview?

  5. Grant


    I ordered paul’s eBook online and after payment was accepted I could not find any way of downloading it. Emails sent to the company used in the ordering process remain unanswered and emails sent to Paul’s email address are returned as “mailbox quota exceeded”. How do i get to download the eBook or should i just report the matter to my credit card company as a fraudulent transaction? I am very disappointed! Perhaps you can help me? Thanks

  6. William Norwood

    I too have paid for this mysterious book
    and cannot get a response from anyone.
    I am quite convinced that it is a HUGE SCAM
    and needs to be reported to the police.
    Could anyone convince me otherwise.
    The confirmation gave me another address to contact but again like paul…..NO REPLY COMPLETELY IGNORED

    any constructive comments from anyone

    w norwood.

  7. Jane van der Linden

    I paid for and ordered Paul’s book on 1 February 2010. I have not received it and have contacted Paul, but he does not reply.

    Is this a scam or is there another problem?

    Jane van der Linden

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Dear Jane, apparently your experience is not uncommon. I’m not sure what to do, since Paul has not responded to my emails about our interview. I’d like to interview him and am a big fan of transparency. His book presents, essentially, an herbal solution that I have not tried. Our community addresses physical, mental, and emotional therapies that help you navigate “out” from tinnitus, away from ear ringing, and towards well being.

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      doesn’t it…and the whole online tinnitus help community suffers. i’ve had people confuse with other online products. we are not all the same, and i certainly hope to run the interview soon. for me, it’s totally understandable that people do their best…also…things do happen…i mean health issues, family issues, etc. so for now, i suggest we kind of hold out until we get to know Paul better — but then again — from what I recently learned during the Jen B interview — if tinnitus people are the sponges of the world — maybe “swallowing” dissatisfaction here is not the best idea. At any rate, i do hope Paul comes ’round and speaks for himself.

  8. John Campbell

    Maybe this Paul Carrington is a fictitious person that doesn’t actually exist. Lately I have been getting automatic emails on behalf of Paul Carrington that seems to be selling totally different products than Banish Tinnitus.

    1. paulcarrington

      this is a: Paul Carrington, this just came to my attention in my mailbox. Yes report it to someone. I,m a hairdresser in TX. I’ve no idea to whom you guys have given your money to, but it was not me. Again this may not concern me, but this is my name being used. Sorry for any inconvenience you all may have suffered.

  9. Mr Cunliffe

    I am writing this comment to inform you that we paid for the book (bannish tinnitus in 3 steps) two weeks ago and cannot down load the book. I have checked my e-mail and have had no response to say we can download it.

    I believe quite a number of people are having the same problems. I would be grateful if you could e-mail me as soon as possible and explain what is going on!!

    I am very dissapointed with the service you provide and I shall be looking into this problem further to see if I need to act legally.

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Dear Mr. Cunliffe and other readers here: this page tells about an “upcoming” interview with the author, who agreed to do an interview, but has not actually completed it.

      He agreed to do the interview a good number of months ago, and it’s been challenging to get a response from Paul Carrington.

      As frustrating as it must be to not receive the service or product one purchased, holding my website accountable for something I neither wrote nor sold nor provide is a bit like buying a Toyota, and then calling a Ford dealership in another country and telling them your brakes are squeaking. Does that make sense?

      Paul Carrington, I think, knows about this thread though.

      Eventually, I will create a review of other tinnitus products here at, and our site will be available to discuss your satisfaction and results, however, I don’t imagine that I’d be doing customer service for the products reviewed.

      Do let us know if you choose to take legal action and how that goes.

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