Interview with Jennifer Battaglino (LCSW, CHT) Tinnitus Therapist

Recorded May 19, 2010.

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Interview History Below..

A member nominated Jennifer Battaglino as an expert to be interviewed, and we are thrilled she’s agreed. Here’s what’s happened so far:


Well I got a lot of mail contact with Jennifer Battaglino. She is my candidate. Her work is based on the ideas from Kevin Hogan. She has some great results, and she specializes in tinnitus. When you buy the TInnitus Reduction program from Hogan, you first can do a teleconsult with her. That’s the step Kevin Hogan reccomends…A lot of experience she has.

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> Dear Jennifer Battaglino,
> Having found: You CAN Fly…With Tinnitus, No Magic Pill for Tinnitus,
> Tinnitus and Intimacy, SPADE and Tinnitus, Physical Causes of Tinnitus, and
> Emotional Causes of Tinnitus listed as blog articles on your website; along
> with the recommendation I received from one of my members
> below; I feel confident that your work is synergistic with the work I am
> doing at
> I’ve interviewed Kevin Hogan, Paul Tobey, David Meyerson, Dr. Hans Greuel,
> and others regarding tinnitus, I host regular Cure Tinnitus Shows with our
> resident expert Julian Cowan Hill, and I would very much like to invite you
> to an interview to talk about tinnitus and the path of healing for people
> with tinnitus.
> Looking forward to hearing from you,
> Sincerely,
> Dainis W. Michel
> Founder

> Dear Dainis,
> Thank you for your email and I am would be happy to do an interview with
> you. I had the chance to view your website and your mission statement which
> I agree with. We need a multi-modal approach if we are to cure tinnitus.
> It’s interesting that we are finding one another now as Kevin and I just
> updated our Tinnitus book to encompass all the various approaches and I get
> into attacking tinnitus from all angles.
> I will be out of town for the next week but I will have access to email on
> a regular basis. Just let me know what the next step is and what you
> propose to do.
> My Best
> Jennifer

Member Questions
— Is it gonna be a movie like a regular tinnitus-show?
Yes, most likely, if she agrees
— Is she the only one to be interviewed?
For this interview, yes, however in the member area we have Kevin Hogan, Paul Tobey, Dr. Greuel, and coming up, we’ll have Paul Carrington, and I think there are some others, but it’s not coming to me right now…
— Can members send in their questions?
Yes, and that will be very interesting
— Is there a chance that you’ll look for collaboration, uhh, how do I say, maybe more expertise involved?
Yes, that’s a part of the mission of, not learning from 1 person who healed himself (Julian), but learning from many people who have healed themselves, including members who wind up willing to share (odd, tinnitus is, people feel ashamed, scared, etc.)
— The more knowledge integrated the more people are aware of it’s healingproces:-)
I agree…
— When will it take place?
I’ve suggested some times within the next few weeks

Please post questions here

20 thoughts on “Interview with Jennifer Battaglino (LCSW, CHT) Tinnitus Therapist

  1. Edv

    Hello Dainis and Jennifer.

    First few question came to my mind so I post them here?…

    I will post later some new questions. Really looking forward to this interview.

    • How long are you treating tinnitus- people, and is it on a fulltime basis?
    • What’s your first comment on this following statement: “Tinnitus is curable”, and can you explain your opinion (with facts/arguments etc)
    • Do you work alone or are there expertised people surrounding and assisting you?
    • Can you estimate how many patients you helped with tinnitus and can you tell us of your success with them (succesrate, reaching silence for patients, successtories etc.)
    • I recently bought the ‘Turning down the volume’ book and I’ve read it. But it’s the 2007 edition. What kind of additional material is in the new edition?
    • You said in your reply with Dainis that you use a multi-modal approach and tackle tinnitus from different kind of angles, which angles do you mean by these?
    • Are there forms of tinnitus that are easier to treat? (mild vs. severe or this depending on the cause, for example tinnitus with the cause concussion/neck-trauma is better to treat then other types, and so on…)
    • Are there local people coming to your office or are they coming from all places?
    • Your approach seems successful. Is a part of your mission to expand the knowledge and share it with other practitioners over the world?
    (Cause in my case, and many others, I live in Europe and it is sometimes hard to find the right practitioner. For example, when I lived in New York, it was more easier to go to you).
    • When people are coming to you, do you give them a step-to-step plan what to do? And if, what are the most important things you need to do with tinnitus?

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Strange, I see the comment in my “comment alerts,” (my email), but you’re right, it’s not here anymore. My tech crew is working on a full site upgrade, so things might be a bit goofy for a few days. We’ll pull through and the site will be better for it!

  2. Edv

    Ok Dainis:-)

    Can yo keep them and post them here? I thought I had them backed up in word, but I can’t find it anymore..

    When is the interview? What I said, maybe there are more questions commingto my mind.

  3. Erwin V

    – How succesful is the teleconsult(as Kevin Hogan advises to do) and how succesful is the 3days intensive tinnitus treatment?

    – What is the 3days treatment all about?

  4. Meta_4

    Jen – Really enjoyed your interview with Dainis. I think you’ve got a really good handle on what tinnitus MEANS to people – it’s significance and how it causes fright and then acceptance. Thanks for your input. Hopefully you will continue your collaboration with Thanks again!

    1. Profile photo of dainisdainis Post author

      Thanks guys, Jen and I are mulling over how we can work together and what would work best…and your suggestions are most welcome! What would you like us to do?

  5. EdV

    Hi Jennifer,

    I just found some movies from you on youtube.

    You mentioned on youtube the tinnitus 101 video? A video of 15 minutes of information. I found your website, but I didn’t found this video. Can you help me figure it out?


    1. Jennifer Battaglino

      Hi Edv,
      Thank you for your wonderful comments as it was a pleasure and honor to do the interview with Dainis. I am going to try to answer your questions and any that follow here.

      I will actually have the tinnitus 101 video up by the end of this week as I am updating my website. I will let you know once it is up and running properly.

      As for your questions…
      • I have been working with tinnitus sufferers for about 6 years now although I have been in practice approximately over 10 years.
      • As for the statement that tinnitus is curable…I think most practictioners are afraid of that term because of the liability involved. Do I think there is a cure? I think one exists but we have not perfected it yet. I believe that there is a solution to every problem. I believe in remission as I have witnesses it duplicated over time. The only definition of a cure to me would be complete silence for the rest of the person’s life. We would have to follow cases through time to prove the cure exists. So with that said, I believe it is possible and for now I would say that I have witnessed many cases of remission.
      • As for the number of clients I have worked with I would have to estimate that specializing in tinnitus for about 6 years…hundreds I would think, possibly pushing 1000. It comprises the majority of my practice, about 80% while I also work with people suffering from anxiety and fear.
      • I tend to work alone in that when I work with someone with tinnitus it is individually and tailored to their needs. I will refer a client to an osteopath or various resources when deemed a viable option for treatment as an adjunct to therapy. This is collaboration with whoever is able to help to get my client well.
      • About a third of the people I work with experience silence/remission while most experience a reduction and/or habituation
      • The new edition of the book is more about all the different approached to treating tinnitus versus just hypnotherapy.
      • I would LOVE for other practitioners to become interested in treating tinnitus. There just aren’t enough of us and I would be happy to work with anyone qualified in interested in learning how to effectively work with tinnitus sufferers
      • I have recently found a practitioner in England who is working with tinnitus clients…it was a preliminary email but at least it’s a start. I hope to connect with him over time to see if he would be a good referral for those overseas. I also have started using Skype to work with clients remotely
      • I do give people a step by step plan when they work with me that is personalized for the individual. I include a summary of the plan as well as personalized hypnosis recordings to reinforce the work we do together.
      • Last but not least, the first thing you have to do with tinnitus is get your power back. Each piece of your life that tinnitus has taken you out of is necessary to rebuild in order to habituate. You need to look at habituation as a stepping stone to getting to silence. If you are emotionally detached from tinnitus, no longer experiencing it as a threat to your system, then you are freer to detach from it.

      I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any other questions.
      All my best

  6. EdV

    Hi Dainis,

    Just some brainstorming on your question on which way you and Jennifer could collaborate…

    * I ‘m curious on a debate from Jennifer with Julian. Maybe they can can be complementary on each other with their visions.
    for example: Julian seems to be the one with the expertise on the body related stuff along with the mind. But Jennifer seems expert on the mind.
    * Maybe, ask Jennifer for articles (to write) on
    * The interview-show with jennifer. Maybe write some guidelines with important stuff(as article) on the website. For example: I’m having hard times to understand her stuff(I saw the interview 3 times!!;-)).
    * Maybe place a link from Jennifers website at and ask if she can place a link to curetinnitus on her website.
    * Maybe in a few times Jennifer would do Tinnitus shows with you or Julian or the three of you(if that’s possible)
    * Maybe you can ask for some cured tinnituspatiens who worked with Jennifer and write some testimonials on their path to silence.(it’s one/third who reach silence so that would be encouraging!!Or some people who significantly reduced their tinnitus(the other 70% with habituation).

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