If You've Recently Acquired Tinnitus, we are Here to Help

If you’ve recently acquired tinnitus, we are here to help. There is a lot you can do to start feeling better quickly. For some, a quick fix is possible, especially with the right advice. For others, tinnitus leads them to transformative, liberating, and relaxing life changes. In either case, no matter how stressful it might be right now, tinnitus can be reduced significantly. There is help and hope available, if you know where to look.

I am very sorry that an onset of tinnitus has brought you to this page, and I appreciate you stopping by.

We recommend you place your name and email address in the form at the top right (under “subscribe and start liberating yourself of tinnitus now”) and watch the video below, if you have recently acquired tinnitus and are interested in learning what steps to take to increase your chances of healing from tinnitus as quickly as possible.

Viewing recommendation: Press play and then press pause for a while. Watch for the download percentage and be aware of the grey download bar (moves to the right as the video loads). Let the video load and don’t play parts that have not downloaded yet. That ensures smooth video performance. 🙂


The pivotal bit of information is the “fight or flight” response, and how it gets “stuck” in folks with tinnitus. The video tells you more, and our site is here for you.

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Dainis W. Michel
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Benefits others are receiving:

“I had major breakthroughs for all listening to you and Julian talk. Thanks so much for all your work.” –R

“Delighted, appreciate it beyond words…” –L

“…The conference calls are great as we can help each other” –R

…with the help of this site, I am learning to deal with [edited] and my -T- is becoming less and less noticeable. –B

I just want to add that you are truly an inspiration and I hope that more people find your website. I find your videos to be enlightening, and it really gives me hope, and I’m sure others too. God bless, –J

It is not coincidence that I saw your e-mail this am, right at the time I realized my tinnitus was gone. –E

You can have such experiences too. You can experience wonderfully refreshing AHA moments, and you CAN begin to take care of yourself properly. That is what we are here to help you learn to do.