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The first step is to register for our Complimentary 7-day Tinnitus Liberation First Steps eCourse. Registration can be anonymous, and if anonymity is important to you, please let us know. For some members, anonymity is vital, and you can set your display name to be just about anything you like (no profanity of course!). We promise to do our absolute best to maintain your profile as anonymous, though really the statement: “Google knows everything” isn’t a joke. You can customize the appearance of your name to be anonymous if you like, however, a valid email address is required for registration.

If you talk with people about it, you’ll find a lot of people say stuff like: “oh I’ve got that too,” or “my uncle has that and it is killing him,” or “I thought that was normal,” etc. About 10% of the population “has” tinnitus. Of that, for 10% (so 1% total), tinnitus is a horrific experience (it was for me).

So, if you want to be anonymous, please register with a valid email and choose a username. You can use your real first and last names, then go into “Member Details” and modify your profile to set your display name to be your username. Then, we can communicate normally (on a real first name basis) via email, but your name won’t be public.

Then, when you visit, you log in, experience our platform, and get to know us better.

When you register — you agree to leave appropriate and helpful comments for the community. Your presence is welcome, as long as you participate.

The next step, if you feel helped, is to choose a member level.

You can choose “select your own donation amount” and thereby gain access to our Self-Paced Program for a monthly donation amount of your choosing. Donation-based Membership does not include paid downloads such as Julian Cowan Hill’s eBook “Tinnitus: From Tyrant to Friend.”

You can also choose from our standard Self-Paced or Guided-Support Programs, and pricing is available here:

We are considering offering more intensive coaching packages as well.

Please understand that even though you may be in crisis, so are a lot of people with tinnitus. It does not make your pain any less, but your pain does not entitle you to post inflammatory, angry, or abusive remarks at Because of the nature of tinnitus, we simply must take the steps mentioned, both financial and with registration — to keep a wholesome, safe, loving place where people can find support, help, and guidance while they improve their well being and thereby reduce tinnitus.



5 thoughts on “How To Participate Here

  1. Profile photo of essie gordonessie gordon

    Hello im not sure where to start here ive had tinnitus for over three weeks . I found curetinnitus i think two days ago and im not sure what im doin please can some one help me start id love to get started straight away . Before i fall into depression around my children. I even liked you on facebook and sent you a inbox still no reply please show me the way to recovery.

    1. Profile photo of curetinnituscuretinnitus Post author

      hi essie, did you see my reply to you here: ?

      i actually did not see your FaceBook message yet but will check for it 🙂

      early onset can be very stressful and scary. it is the time where yes, people with tinnitus are at greatest risk for falling into depression and even hurting themselves or others due to frustration. please assess whether you are in a critical state or not — and reach out for direct in-person help if you need it.

      if you are suicidal, contact a crisis line immediately or go to the hospital or get the help you need — right away.

      however — most people are not in that critical a state. most early onset people are just frantic, in a frenzy, what do i do now, OMG my life is over, i will never be able to X again, or Y again — my life is ruined — what is this sound it is driving me crazy OMG my life is over … etc.

      that kind of frustration is common, and i experienced it too. i highly recommend our RAT (Recently Acquired Tinnitus) course. Also, do your best to focus on the things that help you right now.

      Do read my reply to you here where I’ve outlined my best suggestions, whether you have a budget for your healing or not.

      you likely, feel overwhelmed, and that is normal. watch the videos in the free course, print out the pages from our website, and seek other assistance as well. take the edge off of any stress or potential depression by applying the 5 program guidelines in your life right away.

      Get good therapy, take time for yourself, read Julian Cowan Hill’s eBook thoroughly.

      You CAN get through this, though your life and your health — are in your hands. Care for yourself Essie, OK? Don’t cause yourself or anyone else any harm. Get the help you need.

      Our program, while far-reaching, is very simple at its core. 5 guidelines — and keep them up.

      Also, confusion is a part of early onset tinnitus — work through it — read what is in front of you. Relax. Take a barefoot walk. Contemplate how you can best apply the 5 guidelines in your life.

      How does that sound?

    1. Profile photo of curetinnituscuretinnitus Post author

      Gintas, the thing is, I am realizing that I really honestly do not know how to charge people money in this situation. In general, people reach out to me when they have spent nearly every dime they have, they are near suicidal or actually directly suicidal, and the last thing I can bring myself to do in that situation is ask for money. I don’t really know how to do it.

      The running costs of this website exceed its income by quite a bit – but I still don’t really know how to get myself to ask for money – especially from people who are in dire need.

      So, I need to figure something out or it is likely that I will need to retire the site.

      Even if I put everything “out there” for free — it will require maintenance — because there are so many vile angry horrible people out there — who just cruise around the Internet destroying anything good, kind, or of value.

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