how are you right now?


how are you right now?



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One thought on “how are you right now?

  1. Profile photo of Karen SpencerKaren Spencer

    Hi Dainis,

    Thanks for checking in on me. Its been 4 years now. No tinnitus is not a thing of the past unfortunately but I have learned to live with it and its not terrible. There are times I barely notice it. Today I do notice it but I wasn’t too conscious of it until I thought about it.

    Of all the sites and help I sought during these 4 years, yours is by far the most helpful and most honest. This site helped me the most in the beginning when I was just shocked and upset and turning every which way to find relief.

    I remember reading that your colleague no longer hears any sound and that is my goal. I do have days like that sometimes and I find that my tinnitus is stress related.

    I have found that Lipo-Flavinioids Plus seem to help. I have no association with that company. They are not very expensive and I don’t think they hurt.

    When I first brought this problem to my doctor he said this was incurable, but then I found your site, and your has been the biggest help.

    Thank you. I hope that you and your family are well and happy.

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