Hey, is tinnitus a thing of the past for you?

How are you?

Was CureTinnitus.org able to help you? Are you applying some form of our 5 Program Guidelines in your life?

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One thought on “Hey, is tinnitus a thing of the past for you?

  1. Profile photo of Ruben RuizRuben Ruiz

    Any one afflicted with Tinnitus wants to feel peace again to sleep naturally to be with people in a social environment. To work, I lost the ability to work. Its the hyperacusis more than Tinnitus.

    The problems are very difficult. From the onset I could not sleep. I went into sleep meds.
    Now Im addicted to them. The sleep is still questionable. I wake up some days exhausted.
    I was doing better then the Tinnitus and the Hyperacusis went to a new level. I am drifting away from
    people. I was so social before this. I had friends I played acustic guitar. I went on trips.
    Sometimes I think the meds are contributing to this mess. I tried to get off venlefaxine and had much difficulty. Is it possible my tinnitus got worse? I think it did. I dont know if this comment line is for what I am venting? I am lost for the time. Bless all those afflicted with these awful conditions.
    Ruben l. Ruiz

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