Has somebody positive experience in tinnitus treatment?

I am interested in any experience in successful tinnitus treatment when I have that for an year already. Thanks

It is estimated that around 80% of patients referred to tinnitus clinics can be helped simply by relevant examination and reassurance

For those needing more treatment the approach varies among professionals and countries but is usually multidisciplinary. There is no cure for tinnitus in the common sense of the word–no drug has been proved effective in attenuating not to say abolishing tinnitus for an appreciable proportion of patients. Antidepressants or nocturnal sedatives may deal with the effects of tinnitus for highly emotional patients for a short period while the underlying psychological disturbance is being treated.

With a few exceptions, surgery specifically aimed at eliminating tinnitus is obsolete.

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  1. Eden*

    It is estimated that around 80% of patients referred to tinnitus clinics can be helped simply by relevant examination and reassurance

    For those needing more treatment the approach varies among professionals and countries but is usually multidisciplinary. There is no cure for tinnitus in the common sense of the word

  2. Mad Roy

    Check out The Aspirin Alternative by Dr Michael Loes. He discusses the use of a product called Wobenzyme in treating tinnitis.
    References :
    Go to Alibris.com if you cant find a library or bookstore copy.

  3. Edv

    I’ve found an arcitle about Wobenzyme. Anyone has experience with this?

    Tinnitus: Shedding New Light on an Ancient Disease

    By Michael Schedler, M.D.
    From The Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living — Volume 2, Number 6

    As an ear, nose and throat specialist, I have treated more than 5,000 tinnitus sufferers often using nutritional strategies including dietary supplements even though in the beginning the attitude was that you cannot do very much about the condition. I suffered my own bout with tinnitus starting in 1983. It lasted for several years. I attribute its onset to poor diet and lifestyle habits, as well as a long-standing inflammatory condition.

    What is Tinnitus?

    Tinnitus is derived from the Latin word, tinnera, for ringing. It’s an ancient condition, often linked to witch craft.

    Historically, the first mention of tinnitus in the medical literature comes from ancient Egypt. In an ancient Egyptian prescription for practicing the art of divining, known as the Demotic Magical Papyri, experts said that the way to find out whether individual virgin boys, who were preferred as mediums, had the gift of divination was to determine whether they had ringing in their ears. The elders would put oils on the boys’ heads and surround them with bricks while performing a magical ritual. If ringing occurred in both of their ears, that was excellent. If ringing occurred only in the right ear, that was also welcome. Ringing in the left ear was not good.

    By the second century, a few leading edge physicians understood that tinnitus was actually symptomatic of other conditions. In ancient Rome in the second century A.D., the North African physician Apuleius was accused of applying witchcraft when treating tinnitus. He wrote his Apologia to successfully defend himself in court, claiming that the boy and woman who consulted him were suffering from epilepsy, and that ringing in the ears was a symptom of a deeper seated disease.

    Today, tinnitus affects 40 to 50 million in the United States population, roughly 15 percent. Some six million Americans have tinnitus to the extent that it significantly impacts their life. Fully two million Americans have tinnitus to the extent that it is disabling.

    Most people live their lives reasonably satisfactorily in spite of their tinnitus, but for others tinnitus can be maddening. Imagine living with an enemy 24 hours a day that no one else hears and that the medical community generally agrees is incurable and difficult to control.

    Don’t feel alone if you’re suffering tinnitus. William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Tony Randall, Barbra Streisand, Rosalynn Carter, David Letterman, Ronald Reagan, and Steve Martin have all suffered bouts with tinnitus at one time or another, according to the American Tinnitus Association.

    For some, limbic system reconditioning (“auditory habituation”), enhanced by self-hypnosis, can help to make tinnitus largely inconsequential in their own life.

    Personally, I changed my diet and lifestyle. I also used a German over-the-counter enzyme preparation, Wobenzym® N which provided complete relief. I have since confirmed its effectiveness anecdotally with thousands of my patients.

    Causes of Tinnitus

    “Our noisy, polluted urban environment is a prime cause of hearing loss, and, unfortunately, hearing loss, whether it happens quickly or slowly, is closely linked to tinnitus,” reports Let’s Live. It is important, however, to understand that hearing loss doesn’t causes tinnitus and tinnitus doesn’t cause hearing loss. It is simply that poor hearing health and tinnitus often go hand in hand.

    “Many experts attribute the problem particularly to occupational and environmental noises, especially sharp explosions. In about two percent of cases the cause may be a vascular lesion, carotid artery narrowing and other circulatory problems in the person’s head. A significant percentage of cases, however, have no known cause.”

    Conventional Treatment

    The most commonly used strategy in the past 25 years has been “masking.” This means covering over the tinnitus noise, according to the article:

    “Pioneered by Dr. Jack Vernon of the Oregon Hearing Research Center, masking involves substituting a less noxious stimulus, usually in the same tonal range that is externally produced, to cover the internally produced noise. This is much like the strategy employed by urban residents when they turn on a fan or music for its white noise effect and to mask the sounds of traffic or other sources of noise. The masking sound is typically produced from a bedside unit or in a unit worn on or beside the ear.

    “More recently, within the last seven to eight years, a different management strategy has been promoted by Dr. Pawel Jastreboff of the University of Maryland School of Medicine Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Center, Baltimore. The Jastreboff approach to tinnitus is to institute retraining therapy or auditory habituation. Directive counseling explains the anatomy and physiology of the auditory system as it relates to tinnitus. The goal is to recondition the limbic system to let go so the internal noise can cease to be an issue in the life of tinnitus sufferers.”

    Doctor’s Own Bout with Tinnitus Leads to Cure

    In my own case, I changed my lifestyle, quit smoking, began exercising, and eating more consciously, cutting down on saturated fats from beef and dairy I also was suffering inflammation in my ears and took Wobenzym N as a self-experiment to see how my body responded. My hearing in the higher ranges was significantly improved. I was noise-free within three months.

    Next, I started treating other patients’ hearings disorders with this enzyme formula. I found a strong link between chronic ear infections (chronic running ear), leaking fusions such as puss or clear secretions and proteins, and cases of tinnitus. I have since treated thousands of patients with enzymes with generally good results.

    That is because out-of-control inflammatory processes are very much to blame for a significant percentage of tinnitus cases among my patients. The patented Wobenzym N formula consists of trypsin, chymotrypsin, bromelain, papain, and pancreatin with a small amount of the bioflavonoid rutin. Volumes have been published about this formula but, oddly, I am probably the world’s leading expert on the use of enzymes in the treatment of tinnitus. Because this formula attacks inflammation safely and effectively, I believe that enzymes have a sound basis for use in supporting the body’s normal inflammatory processes, and for helping to relieve tinnitus in those patients where inflammation is a factor.

    I started out using the formula with the worst cases and found out the effects were amazing. Patients were getting better who had suffered for years. In one case, I was working with a very skeptical fellow who had suffered tinnitus in his right ear for 17 years. He started taking the enzymes but came back complaining the noise was worse. He was trying to save money, however, and taking only three Wobenzym N tablets twice daily. For this type of treatment, I recommend 10 Wobenzym N tablets three times daily. Once I got him on the full program, he was feeling much better in three to four weeks and the intensity of the tinnitus decreased significantly. When he got down to a very low decibel reading, he declared, “This is an incredible breakthrough. After 17 years, I have been liberated!”

    Diet and Tinnitus

    Almost all experts agree that dietary and nutritional strategies which address auditory health in all its facets are critical to providing support to tinnitus sufferers.

    Reducing fat and cholesterol is extremely important. A high fat and cholesterol diet may end up reducing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the inner ear due to blood cell clumping. Too much saturated fat and cholesterol contribute to arterial damage in the carotid arteries in the neck that go to the brain as well as other vessels in the head. Medical case reports and studies mention cholesterol “clumps” and overall high cholesterol levels as causes or partial contributors to tinnitus. Studies throughout the 1980s confirm that high fat diets contribute to hearing loss and possibly to tinnitus.

    Reducing sugar intake is important. Increased sugar intake can cause hypoglycemia. During a hypoglycemic episode, adrenaline is released by the adrenal gland. This causes vasoconstriction of the inner ear and can precipitate a tinnitus crisis. T

    Michael Schedler, an ear, nose and throat specialist, specializes in reconstructive surgery and is a board-certified oncologist. He practices in Germany.

    What You Need to Know about Ototoxic Drugs

    More than 2,000 drugs can cause ototoxic reactions resulting in temporary or permanent loss of hearing or tinnitus. Salicylate medications such as aspirin and aspirin-containing products can cause toxic effects after consuming an average of six to eight pills per day, according to Stephen Epstein, M.D. Their toxic effects are usually reversible if the medications discontinued.

    Other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as Advil, Aleve, Anaprox, Clinoril, Feldene, Indocin, Lodine, Motrin, Nalfon, Naprosyn, Nuprin, Poradol, Relafen and Voltarian can also cause hearing problems or tinnitus. Their effects are usually reversible.

    Antibiotics such as aminoglycosides, erythromycin and vancomycin are also ototoxic when given intravenously.

    Some diuretics, including Laxis, Edecrin, and Bumex can be ototoxic in rare cases when given at high doses.

    Be sure to read patient package inserts or consult the Physicians’ Desk Reference to learn about all of the potential complications from prescription and over-the-counter medications. For a listing of ototoxic drugs, request the September 1996 issue of Tinnitus Today. M.S.


    American Tinnitus Association
    PO Box 5, Portland, Oregon 97207-0005
    (503) 248-9985 e-mail: tinnitus@ata.org

    The ATA publishes Tinnitus Today, sponsors research projects, and offers many other tinnitus-related services.

    The doctors’ prescription

    The formula that I use professionally in my practice is Wobenzym N. I generally advise patients to take ten Wobenzym N tablets three times daily before meals. Your health food store retailer should be able to order the 800-pill bottles, if necessary, which are your best buy.

    Be sure to receive adequate vitamin A and vitamin D as well. The cochlea has high amounts of vitamin A and all sensory receptor cells depend on vitamin A.

    A deficiency of vitamin D may cause a boney growth in the cochlea that results in hearing loss (otosclerosis). Supplementation with vitamin D and calcium may help to reverse hearing loss.

    Zinc sulfate may be helpful in cases of deficiency in this important mineral. In a 1984 study from Clinical Ecology, it was found that many elderly patients with progressive hearing deterioration also had zinc deficiencies. One-quarter of tinnitus sufferers noted a reduction in symptoms, and sometimes their elimination altogether with supplementation.

    The herb Ginkgo biloba is helpful in a number of cases. This may be due to Ginkgo’s effect of reducing blood viscosity and making the flow better.


  4. Lili

    Hi all, have you heard of the drug “CAVINTON”. In the first days of my tinnitus I had a very good success in decreasing the volume- I had it intravenously infused, but then I had urbazon included and things went wrong. But at one point with my cavinton treatment my tinnitus decreased a lot and thats when i had to stop…but i continued and it did get worse from the other drug i suppose…. Read more about cavinton ,it wont cause harm for sure, it is good for the brain and have very few side effects.

  5. delia

    We all have a household product which will cure tinnitus I cured mine 5yrs ago. I can’t seem to get interest from out there, Dear moderator
    from Delia

    1. delia

      Sorry about the delay.
      My tinnitus put me on the merry-go-round of cures and promises,I got no bangs for my bucks. I revisited by past working life on night shift and an un-orthodox cure. It involves the common product BLUE-TACK. This product was my chosen alternative to irritating ear plugs.and gave me double strength noise blockout and sleep. My tinnitus got me visiting this past experience which looked like trial and error.
      Roll almond sized bit on cake of soap (this stops residue to ear lining) Avoid pump soaps. Press outer ear till sound is blocked. This practice disables the dymanics of sound waves which cause tinnitus and sleeplessness. Costs nothing and i have repeated only once in 5yrs. Sound too good to be true?
      I hope long suffering bloggers will give me the thumbs up so we can spread the word.

    1. Avatar of curetinnituscuretinnitus

      you know, Gintas, some have moved in the direction of medications, others have moved away from medications. it is a matter of incorporating the “take good care of yourself physically” guideline into your life.

      in general, people have the most success applying all 5 CureTinnitus.org Program Guidelines…

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        Hi Dainis,
        thanks for your answer.
        i not yet understand how http://www.curetinnitus.org works .
        if i would like to get acces ( or you will point me to some videos ? ) to “Recently Acquired Tinnitus Survival Guide eCourse” i must pay 150$ ? “Recently Acquired Tinnitus Survival Guide eCourse” it is video that i wil get when i pay ? thanks ! best, gintas

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