Has anyone found relief for their Tinnitus?

I have tinnitus in the center of my head. I have been researching a lot and have heard that some people can actually rid themselves of tinnitus. I am curious if anyone here has done it or knows anyone that has. Would love to hear your story. Thanx!

hello, i too have tinnitus, for about 6 years now. when it first started, the day it started, it scared me to death, having that awful noise in “my head” that would not stop, it nearly drove me mad. i always had to have some “white noise” going on to drown it out… tv, radio, a fan, something. then about a year and a half ago, i read about taking niacin for the ringing.
desperate, i tried it and it worked!!!!! I bought 500 mgs. of Niacin…which i found out can cause a warm flush through your body for a few minutes, first time i felt it, it spooked me too, but i knew what it was from. so i started cutting them in half to 250 mgs a day and had less occasion of the warm flushes. it really worked very good. “occasionally” i still get the ringing and it really sounds loud now after not hearing it for a long period of time in between. then my chiropractor told me to take B-complex instead. it has niacin in it, but no warm flushing…so I switched. I have even less occasions of ringing now. this vitamin daily dose has saved me. i hope it helps you too! for your own good, give B-complex a try.
its not an expensive vitamin either. and its good for the nervous system. i take the one with Vitamin C in it. i hope this helped. good luck! 🙂


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  1. KrazY_AwEsoMeGurL#23

    Hey there, I also suffer from Tinnitus in my both ears!! yes it's very frustrating to have!! I can tell u this as much as possible try and ignore the noise!! I have yet to find relief of my Tinnitus, if you ever do plz let me know!! Thanks : )
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  2. Judge_9

    Hello, I've had Tinnitus 15 years ago and it went away after 3 months. But recently it has returned. I went to hearing a specialist and he said there is a new device by Neuromonics that in clinical trials has had a 90% success rate in reducing Tinnitus. Patients listen to a walkman like device that plays music, the music is tuned to your specific Tinnitus sound. A doctor of Otolaryngology trained in Neuromonics device programs the music. After listening to this music for 6 months or so, your brain eventually learns to block out the Tinnitus sound. It sounds promising. But my doctor said this device costs money since it is relatively new in U.S. It's orginally from Australia. Check website out, I hope this helps http://www.neuromonics-usa.com/news.htm
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  3. Jeffekins

    Just wanted to let Judge_9 and everyone else know that I am currently using neuromonics. It’s a 6-8 month therapy. I’ve been under the therapy for 2 weeks now; so far it’s been pretty nice (you feel instant relief when you put it on), it does help me get to sleep better and I honestly think that it had reduced the volume of the ringing around 25% already. I’m hoping it will continue to work for me, as I still have over 5 months to go. I’ll keep you posted.
    I want to do other treatments as well, such as biofeedback.. has that worked for anyone? Does anyone know about electrical stimulation or transcutaneous magnetic stimulation? But I think those are still experimental and being studied,
    Anyway, best of luck, and to quiet times,

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