Getting Better At Getting Better — Added A Guideline So It’s 5 Now :-)

  1. LEARN – PLAN – IMPLEMENT – IMPROVE: Learn about tinnitus and well being and plan an effective path for you to decrease tinnitus and increase your well being. Look at your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly “lifestyle.” Find the help you need. Design a plan that fits your personality, preferences, and budget. If you can’t afford a particular therapy right now — replace that portion of your plan with something you can afford or do for yourself. Continue to practice each of the 5 guidelines and get better at getting better as you go 🙂
  2. PHYSICAL HEALTH: Take care of your physical body (including getting proper medical attention for medical conditions). Get effective, relaxing, wonderful body-based therapy that works for you (CST, massage, physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture…etc. your choice do what works)
  3. BEYOND PHYSICAL HEALTH: Take care of your mental, spiritual, and emotional health by getting effective relaxing mental/spiritual/emotional counseling or therapy like psychotherapy, hypnosis, relationship work, etc. — again — do what works for you.
  4. PERSONAL WELL BEING: Effective, relaxing, delicious, happy personal “work.” Make personal lifestyle changes that bring you into a state of well being. So, take that walk, do that project, change your job, confront that bully, etc. Also, this includes bringing your financial well being to a place where you can have fair interchange with the people in your surroundings. Do your personal “work,” but do it in a happy way. Add wonderful elements into your life that work for you and help you at first cope with, then “forget” about tinnitus, and then help you dissolve it.
  5. SUPPORT NETWORK: Establish a loving network of support that you can “let go” into. If you feel stressed out after your counseling or psychotherapy session, have the courage to interview other therapists and make a change. Bring in a hobby group, a support group, an online group that truly supports your healing. Surround yourself with happy people, good friends, and supportive family members…and again even ONE good friend, ONE single source of compassion and love can be enough…and frankly, deserves incredible gratitude.

4 thoughts on “Getting Better At Getting Better — Added A Guideline So It’s 5 Now :-)

  1. Profile photo of mike michelmike michel

    thanks. all five are in place. great information. i’m very blessed to be in a city(minneapolis) that supports these concepts. the more i’ve researched i’m continually overwhlemed how many people have tinnitus or know a few people that do. glad this site exists!

  2. Profile photo of mike michelmike michel

    thanks for these five steps dainis. i’ve also been following your posts with julian cowan hill which are fab. prior to me joining this great site i found out about via purchasing julian’s ebook. i’m a musician with severe tinnitus ( 7 months) but working diligently (and calmly) each day. i took a survey of 200 music pals in minneapolis, mn. 20 ended up having tinnitus and 98 percent are just living with it. ugh. needless to say i referred them to this site. thanks for setting this site up dainis.’s like a water
    fountain after jogging fro 20 miles.

    being new to this site i was wondering if there were specific posts for musicians and tinnitus. any tips or shared thoughts would be amazing. thanks for any assistance.

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