Fight or Flight Questionnaire

This fight or flight questionnaire awakens you to your state of well-being and your own sabateur. It has 43 questions and a self-evaluation at the end. It can be very helpful to bring to your therapist or to contemplate on your own. We highly recommend you dedicated yourself to the path of liberation from tinnitus by increasing your well being starting today. Membership provides you with coaching (either personalized or self paced) so you can begin liberating yourself from tinnitus starting today…

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Fight or Flight Questionnaire

This is designed to help you become aware of the fight or flight response and start recognising what state you are in. Select the answer that most corresponds to your prevailing state of being.

How am I inside?

1 Ability to feel the body

When I sit still on my own with no external input, and focus on how I feel, I notice:

A Racing thoughts and tense uncomfortable parts of the body.

B Racing intrusive thoughts with floaty, spaced-out, surreal feelings.

C Some thoughts arising, and I can feel many parts of my body.

D Calm, clear mind with occasional thoughts, and a centred feeling throughout the body.

2 Where is my attention resting?

If you think of your body as a house and your mind as where you are, where are you based most of the time:

A Firmly in my head and in my thoughts.

B Only in my thoughts, all over the place, elsewhere, not connected to my body.

C In parts of my body eg head, heart etc and in my thoughts.

D Throughout my body from where I can watch thoughts come and go.

4 Digestion

How flowing and regular is your digestion?

A Often feel blocked, bloated, with irregular movements.

B Often get uncomfortable diarrhoea or constipation or both.

C Steady, comfortable and regular gut that occasionally gets upset.

D Generally strong, reliable gut with regular, easy bowel movements.

5 Ability to Focus Hearing

How well can you focus on a conversation in a pub with lots of background noise?

A Background sound gets in the way making it hard to hear.

B It’s a cacophony. Get me out of here!

C I can focus well except when things get too rowdy.

D Its easy to stay really focused. A lot is needed to distract me.

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